Friday, April 30, 2010

Rolex winner William Fox-Pitt: An intimate portrait

Note: By "intimate portrait" I mean photos depicting partial nudity. 
 Whenever someone makes the news or gets famous,  embarrassing photos always seem to surface.  This year's Rolex winner William Fox-Pitt is no exception. Ladies I offer you a rare glimpse of William FP and some other British eventers who are easy on the eyes. William was the September pinup in the infamous Bareback calendar, circa 2008...

SEPTEMBER: William Fox-Pitt

The calendar was put together as a fundraiser for Claire Lomas, an eventer who was  injured in a fall in 2007.  What an inspired idea  -- I know I would have bought one. Well, actually I tried to buy one but they sold out eons ago. Three years later, it looks like Claire is doing very well, and the world is a better place for having these images on the Internet. BTW, I sent a little something to Claire (her blog is really inspiring) and corresponded with her a little.  Helping her is the whole point of the calendar, so if you enjoyed it consider a donation to her cause. Claire has a Paypal account (send donations to

JANUARY: JP Sheffield and Oliver Townend (the guy who fell at Rolex this year)
4 rumps, too adorable

FEBRUARY: Piggy Finch and Sarah Cohen
Love the socks

MARCH: Steven James, Lucy Kempley, Laura Shannon
Thanks to Steven, my hands down (hands on?) favorite

APRIL: Polly Jackson
The only way to make braiding more hellish is to do it nude.

MAY: Vicky Laing
Don't make her jog!

JULY: Tristram Owers and Sam Griffiths
Hey! Are those briefs, Sam? Cheater.

JUNE: Michael Jackson, Laura Collett, Dominic Ruane, Lissa Green and Emily Llewellyn.
Michael is also cheating. And if that caption is accurate, two women are really shy.

AUGUST: Harry Meade and Francis Whittington
Okay. Maybe this one is my fave...

OCTOBER: Polly Stockton, Holly Bate
Naked in the hay =  full body rash 

NOVEMBER: Nick Gauntlett, Julie Tew, Jay Hallum, Ibby McPherson, Spencer Sturmey
Lose the bow ties, boys!

DECEMBER: Joss Day, Georgie Davies, Chris King
We three kings? 

BONUS SHOT! of Oliver Townend


  1. The photos are not embarassing at all, but I would not take a calendar like that if it was free. I prefer pictures of horses. Well, I would take it if it was free and then put it on ebay.

  2. Well, that is revealing, that's for sure. What a great fundraising idea.

  3. Ohhh Boyyy! What a way to end the night and especially so after experiencing a long, hard day. It's been almost 1/2 hour since I opened up my daily dose of BTB and I'm still laughing and as Jean said, "What a great fundraising idea". And I, for one, would definitely buy one; so, here's a challenge to some of our "infamous" USA riders: since I'm sure that we can find many a charitable cause to support, it's time to pose for a similar calendar!

  4. Are the riders all British? They have an interesting sense of humor and are just plain BRAVE!

    Very unexpected post idea!

  5. Most of those guys are too scrawny to be attractive pin up material for me. Is it bad that I winced at the nude riding? All I could think of was hair and chafing on delicate portions of the anatomy! Still, it was for a good cause so who can complain?

  6. Those photos are surprisingly tasteful and really fun. What a great idea! I agree on the full body rash when near hay, though. Yikes. I can barely stand to have it on my arms. I can't imagine it on all my naughty bits too.

  7. I cant see them, why not???


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