Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Saving my best hair for Rolex

As many of you know, Rolex is a big deal for me. A really big deal. So much so, that at my last hair appointment I told my stylist Jan to schedule my appointment 7 weeks out rather than my usual 5 weeks.

"I want my optimal hair  to coincide with Rolex," I told her (Jan is a horse person).

She looked skeptical. She knows my tolerance for an shaggy haircut is very low.  "Don't you dare go to Holiday Hair," she warned me as she handed me my appointment card.  I did that once -- got an interim cut -- and never heard the end of it. Not an option.

At six weeks my hair was bad.

At seven weeks, I'm channeling Phil Spector.

The picture (above left)  is me this morning looking into the bathroom mirror. Thankfully my appointment is tonight, and nothing will keep me from it. See the lengths I go to (so to speak) to look my best from April 22-25?


  1. haha, that's so funny, I also got a hair cut today. Would you believe my last haircut was the end of August!!! I have long hair so I basically get a trim a few times a year. But I had 6 inches taken off this afternoon. I might just do my hair up too if I was going to Rolex, instead i guess I'll watch it on tv and the internet boo hoo

  2. Guess I never thought much about how I look at outdoor horse events. Then again, I keep my hair really short, so I doesn't get too far out of control...and I don't have any natural curl so....

    You look a bit strange in that picture....are you sure it was really your mirror????? *LOL*

  3. I don't get it. Who is looking at your hair at Rolex? Isn't everyone watching horses?

  4. I don't get it. Who will look at your hair at Rolex? Everyone is looking at horses. Save the money and buy yourself a souvenir.

  5. Pana, like Jean I have short, straight hair normally, but I tweak it with a curling iron for work. I don't know anyone at rolex and it's not like I'm a high maintenance beauty. The goal is having hair that requires minimal fuss and adaptability to different weather conditions. There is a short window of time when my hair "falls into place" and looks presentable after rain, wind, etc.

  6. I wonder if it's a new trend - the-electrocution-hairdo. I went for a dinner the other day and there were two men sporting the same creation :o) enjoy Rolex - I am jealous I must confess

  7. Oh, gosh. You do NOT want to know when I last got my hair cut. Let's just say that 2010 was very, very new.

    I'm hopelessly shaggy but only now am I thinking I'll have some time to get this out of the way. Hoping you'll look your best for Rolex!

  8. i have my hair cut once a year and the last time some one other than my mom cut it was about three years ago

  9. Only slightly off topic but it is Rolex related so I hope I'm ok...

    I'm a big fan of Rolex as well but am having a super hard time finding any detail on the tv\internet broadcast schedule (I'll be watching at home so my haircut schedule has been unaffected). I would hate to miss a moment... can anyone point me in the right direction?

  10. Sidetracked, I haven't cut my hair since August either. (The local hair cut shops haven't been putting $5 off coupons in supermarket receipts either.)
    My hair is long enough to put in a bun. (Especially now, I'm using the big bun clamp.) When I travel, I sure don't want to think about clothes or hair, so I put it in a 'ballerina bun' and ignore it. What's really freaky is I think that's a wig in that Phil Spector photo. He's upset that he has to go bald in prison. Well, now he has time to learn to knit himself a hat.

  11. I have not heard anything about TV coverage. I've gotten the DVD two years straight and both times they appeared to be defective, and the replacements were defective. So someone should TIVO any substantive coverage.

    My hair is not my best feature, and one of the joys of aging is that you don't have as much as you did when you were young. And it gets darker (I used to be natural blonde). Those of you with long hair, enjoy it!

  12. I used to have naturally curly hair. Now it's naturally straight. Loosin' my lustre.
    This Saturday is the Grand National from Aintree England. It might be on HRTV Saturday morning. Post time is 1615 UK Time, 0915 PDT 1215 EDT.
    That's too bad about the Rolex DVD's. I get a DVD every year from the UK covering the National Hunt racing season. Super fast service and high quality discs.
    Rolex available as a pay per view webcast. Apparently only show jumping is on TV Pay per view. But I'm more interested in dressage and X-country and don't have broadband in the boonies. :-(

    I remember the good old days when Wide World of Sports showed the Grand National and ESPN had polo at 2AM and show jumping every weekend. I live in a town with lots of Portuguese people, and the community cable access channel used to have Portuguese bullfighting along with the portugese news broadcasts. Now they don't even have the whacky conspiracy cranks!


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