Monday, May 17, 2010

Bitting fact and fiction...

In this Horse Hero video British dressage rider Laura Bechtolsheimer discusses bitting with Sprenger MD Heinz Baumann. Topics include new research on the horse's mouth, fitting a snaffle bit, and fitting the double bridle. Horse Hero is a paid subscription but it's a LOT cheaper and more diverse than some of the dressage training subscriptions out there. The Brits offer a really different and valuable perspective...

What I learned from this video? That horses have less room in their mouths than previously thought, and that the tongue is the main contact with the rider's hands. A thick bit is not necessarily the most soft bit.

Ever wonder why Aurigan is the preferred metal alloy? Aurigan is 85% copper -- it's properties are hardness and oxidation. Copper oxides rapidly which gives a pleasing taste; oxidation causes salivation.


  1. I have some Sprenger bits. I haven't noticed my horse going better in them than other options, but I do like the double link bit the best.

    Good video. Thanks for posting.

  2. Thank you Stacey - I found this very informative and I will probably be making some changes. I really appreciate you posting this. Becky

  3. I really like Horse Hero, and when we get in a better financial state, I want to subscribe. It is better than a magazine, I think.
    I do wonder about the horse ingesting a lot of copper from the Aurigan bits. What kind of bit do you use on Riley?
    Happy belated birthday, Riley, from one of your cyber aunties. ;-)

  4. i can't get the video link to work and i would really like to see t

  5. Make sure you have flash loaded on your pc or mac? It's working for me...

  6. Wonderful info, as usual. ;) Apparently I have been very behind the bit in my knowledge of proper bits. I prefer my Sprenger KK Ultra, because I can feel the difference.

    Embarrassing, but I too believed what I'd learned many years ago, the fatter the bit, the more gentle it is in the mouth. Thank you for the education!


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