Saturday, May 29, 2010

Harv is old news this month: It's all about RILEY

I found a fun search engine for word lovers -- the Lexicalist. The Lexicalist reads through millions of words of chatter on the Internet see who's talking about what. It's broken into three kinds of demographics: age, gender, and geography.

Comparisons are odious, but...
The word "Harvey" is used today about as much as last month (once every 198,431 words). "Riley" is being used 51% more today than a month ago (once every 146,646 words). Probably b/c it was his birthday? ;-)

Riley is more popular in the South, and Harv continues his stronghold in the middle of the country. I feel this reflects his traditional values and practical outlook, plus he was born in Arkansas.

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  1. Lol! Stacey, you have the funniest posts sometimes! :) I'm off to go search that site for Hollyn and Bella... I'm sure Bella will be VERY popular with those books and whatnot... :)


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