Saturday, May 22, 2010

Horse show fiasco (no one hurt)

What is it about me that I am so intrigued by true crime and disaster movies? Oh, and videos like this one...

It sounds like no one was hurt, and you've gotta hand it to the guys who stepped up to the plate and slowed those bad boys down.


  1. Too frightening. Things can go wrong so quickly around horses. Don't know as I would be so brave, but horse folks seem to jump in to give aid when others are scrambling the other direction.

    Glad no one was hurt.

  2. This clip illustrates why I am frequently amused by people's belief that Percherons, since they are draft horses, must be steady Eddies.

    Um no.

    They are very sensitive souls and when something spooks them they are very volatile. With all that power this presents a frightening prospect.

    I have also witnessed heavy horse people who will, without any thought to their own safety, have jumped in to deal with similar situations. They are very brave.

    I am not sure that yelling "Whoah" and waving arms about was the best solution, but I expect I would have likely behaved in the same way. Even just watching this clip raised my heart rate.

    One of the neatest things I ever saw was a four horse hitch of grey Percherons start to take off -- the hitching ring steward stepped in front of them, quiety raised his arms and said, "Walk." They did.

  3. You're gunna wanna see this one. Quite a few shocking moments in there.


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