Monday, May 31, 2010

Like Karrie Bradshaw and her shoes, I can't have enough...

Browbands. This one was custom-made (at a reasonable price) by HPF designs. These pictures don't do the browband justice -- the colors are rich amber/gold/orange. Click the image to expand it and get more detail.

I contacted the owner and told her which of her beadwork browbands I liked, but asked if it was available in chestnut-compatible colors. Well, she not only did a browband in custom colors, she used a new design. I just love it!


  1. Very pretty. Riley is going to look quite smart in his competition debut. OR he is going to look quite smart schooling. *G*

    I love the bling browbands, but since I'm not currently competing, my Boys are stuck with plain. *sigh*

  2. He may be in a schooling show on June 13 -- He'll have his nice bling on then!!!

  3. You have great taste! But.. is it just me, or does the bead work have an asymmetrical pattern? I think I'd like it more if it were symmetrical. But those colours are great!

  4. lexie to be honest i'm not sure -- I do like aymmetrical things though.

  5. I've seen a lot of "browband" sites but the work of this artist is, by far, the most unique and most striking I've yet to see (great discovery, Stacey!) and; like you, I won't be able to buy "just" one and since there are so many to choose from plus she does custom too; well, what fun I'll have on this little online shopping adventure! Moreover, Riley will look ever-so-handsome in his new browband! I'm certain your boys appreciate you since you're always making sure that Harv and Riley are up-to-date with all the latest gear!

  6. Beautiful bead-work. I really like the names of the various styles, like "solar flare" for a matching cavesson/browband combination. I wonder how the beads are anchored in the band.
    Riley will look awesome in his asymmetry!

  7. Stop stop stooooop!

    "must not buy, must not buy, must not...wheres that link again?"

    Thank you for increasing my 2010 horse budget yet again - I think your blog is verging on "highly dangerous" for my pocketbook!

    Thanks for your posts, they are insightful and a pleasure to read! And hope you and Riley have a great season!


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