Friday, May 7, 2010

Quaterback update: May 2010

Well, not too many QB 2010 babies are posted on Youtube yet but there's some nice footage of the youngsters. I particularly love the first video of Quina's tricks. Keep in mind I'm not sure of her breeding. Quaterback is one of the descriptive tags, and she has lovely movement. Send any links you know of, and I'll add them here.

Yearling photos of Quinlan
(Quaterback x Harvard x Akzent II Quinlan CF)
I love the expression in this first picture, that nice soft eye...


  1. My Quaterback x Harvard x Akzent II yearling:

  2. What an interesting blaze Quinlan has. It's going to make him a very distinctive mount. Lovely horses all.

  3. Thanks for sharing, they are great video!

  4. What is "quarterback"? Please explain.


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