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Horses of LA: Rooms with a view

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June 5, 2010 | 6:00

Lost L.A.: For these horses, a room with a view


At a time when cars were replacing horses and Southern California's stables were being converted to garages, Capt. William Sanford Banning never lost his love for his four-hoofed friends. As Sam Watters writes in his latest Lost. L.A. column:

Middle-class horses bunked in barns, but Banning mounts lived in a manor ... a veritable Monticello, a shingle-roofed, vine-covered stable with column and pediment windows.

Find out the fate of Banning's stables by reading Watters' column. And for more Lost L.A., a look at Southern California social history as told through a home, garden or decor that is no more, click to our Lost L.A. archive.

-- Craig Nakano

Photo credit: Huntington Library, Art Collections and Botanical Gardens

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  1. I finally got over to read the article. I wish there would've been more pictures. I liked that he wouldn't join the Highway Comission and never owned a car. A true gentle-horseman!


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