Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Live from Lexington: PLEASE VOTE!!!

I'm so pleased to announced that a blogger who follows BTB is a semi-finalist for the Purina Live from Lexington contest! Congrats to Sheri Israel AKA Dressagemom!  Her video totally rocks and she will do a super job. She's a good writer, at ease in front of a camera, she's competed in dressage at national levels and, drumroll, she rides an Arabian.

Let's get Sheri to the WEG!
Monday, June 14, go to and vote for semi-finalist and blogger dressage mom (Sheri Israel). The voting runs through July 12 and I think you can vote every day.

My story :-)
The Purina guy who is my contact said that I was in the list of semi-finalists for several of the judges (including their head nutritionist), and I made his top ten list -- but the sponsors who made the final choice only wanted contestants who submitted a video. I didn't submit one, and if the blogging job involves time in front of a camera, it probably ain't the job for me. Writing is my thing.

So I'll be taking Riley to Devon instead :-). I'm a lucky girl indeed.


  1. You would have been sooo good!! Their loss! Devon is a good consolation though. Ha, you should have done one of your horse talking bubble videos for them :)

  2. Stacey, this is so above and beyond I don't even know what to say. I'm so grateful, and you are very sweet. I always thought that you and your blog kicked butt, and here you are doing amazing things again. Thank you, really.

  3. Congrats for making top 10 ~ and Devon is very exciting. I'm excited to read about it!! Congrats to Dressage Mom, I'll be voting for her :).

  4. Congrats on the top 10! I hope Dressage Mom can win the vote in your stead.
    Loved the high-fives!

  5. Yeah, it was very well thought out -- high impact, hit the major points, and charming to boot! I've viewed the other semi-finalists and while they're all very good, they strike me as a little wet behind the ears. We need someone with the dressage experience out there...

  6. If it couldn't be you, Dressagemom is a great second choice. Good luck Sheri, and have fun at Devon, Stacey!

  7. Really nice video and I think Sheri would be a super choice!!

    But I agree with Leah about the horse talking bubbles....perchance you can help Sheri out with that one....*lol*

  8. I'm looking for the FB like button to click. :-) And I will enjoy following a new blog.

  9. If they were only going to vote on video submissions, they should have stated that up-front. You are a good writer, much better than most of the other submissions. You got robbed of a fantastic opportunity! That makes me sad, and a bit disheartened.

    I don't like voting for someone just because they are plugged on a website or by a friend. But I watched most of the videos submitted though, and I have to admit Sheri's is probably my top pick. I am definitely going to vote for her.

    Stacy, since voting doesn't start until June 14, can you re-post to remind us to vote? That's like a whole 4 days away :) and I don't want to forget!

  10. Top 10! Not bad!

    I tried to talk Fenway Bartholomule into entering, but when it came down to it he just couldn't imagine flying coach.

    Marnie (Fenway's human, FarmWife)

  11. Well, when I talked to the purina rep at Rolex he stated with great certainty that the video requirement was removed (I think they were not getting enuf entries, but that is just my impression). I suspect that they decided to use the video/no video as a way to whittle down the entries. Truthfully had a video been required I would a) probably not have entered or b) done a poor job on the video. I'm not photogenic, I don't have a great speaking voice, I get flustered in front of a camera, and ultimately I would feel ill-equipped to do the blog-o-spondent job. When I saw dressagemom's video I was impressed and happy that they chose someone of substance who also brings enthusiasm and fun. I've watched the other videos and she is hands down the best choice -- hope others see this.


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