Sunday, June 27, 2010

The other semi-finalists

Purina WEG contest post,
another  excuse to remind you to vote for Sheri.

 Disclaimer: Opinions expressed are my own :-)

 Why I'm voting for Sheri...
Well, first of all I thought her video was super, and she did it with the same type of equipment (roughly) that the WEG blogger will have.  Beyond that, I think her recent "Great 8" blog videos demonstrate the kind of fun, approachable, and thoughtful video posts she can put together. Her writing has a positivity, intelligence, and sense of humor  that we need at the WEG!

And the three other semi-finalists?
Clearly all of the semi-finalists bring a lot  to the table, and they were selected because they have exceptional qualifications. I did look at the other three --  read their essays watched their videos, and tried to get a sense of who they are. Thought I'd convey my impressions in pictures.  Can you guess which picture goes with the other three semi-finalists?

Correctly guess which picture goes with with candidate, and get free BTB stuff (randomly chosen)...

sPunky poetess

East Coast Slick (well, West Coast too, since it's an Apple ad)

Miss American Pie

Which is which?
Match up Erin, Nina, and Kristine with the pix and post the matchups as a comment -- provide your email OR check back to find out the winners! Shorthand (e.g., "firstname/pie" is fine...


  1. No clue and the way my browser's been acting up, I probably won't be able to visit to make my guess either. I'll be interested to see the results of your little test, though.

  2. hey its Alana

    Spunky- Kristine
    East Coast Slick - Nina
    All American Pie- Erin

  3. Same guesses as Alana.

    Spunky: Kristine
    ECS: Nina
    Miss American Pie: Erin

  4. *Laugh* clever post, here's mine:
    Spunky: Erin
    East Coast: Kristine
    Miss Pie: Nina
    Hmmm - I wonder if it's a good thing that I don't like to follow the crowd? :o)

  5. sPunky Poetess: Erin
    East Coast Slick: Kristine
    All American Pie: Nina
    The Class Act: Dressage Mom!

    Sheri is easily the best writer of the group with variety and creativity. I have looked at the other posts and more times than not, I do not finish reading them. I just get, well, bored.

    Blogs should be about good writing and good reading. I love video as well, but the writing has to be there. Also, overly cute is not a good thing and over-the-top edgy is transparent.

    Watching Sheri really put herself out there by trying her hand at reining and jumping and vaulting (?!) and providing helpful insight at the same time is wonderfully fun to watch and just plain EXCELLENT!

  6. Does it make me a bad person to say that if the over-the-top edgy candidate wins, I will almost certainly lose a lot of respect for the Purina brand? I'm not sure if "sick gear" means it's good or it's bad although I'm leaning toward good, so I guess that clearly means I'm not the target audience of that blogger!

  7. I thought this post was a little bitchy. I happened to go to school with Nina, and she's awesome. Promote whomever you choose, but going out of your way to be snarky to the other contestants is over the top. I'm frankly embarassed for both you and Dressage Mom.

  8. Hmmm. My dream team for WEG is Sheri and Nina. As I said, all the candidates were exceptional and qualified and that's the way I feel.

    Sheri had nothing to do with this post, as I said.


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