Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Why I'm not riding Riley (yet)

A lot of people are asking why I'm not riding Riley myself at this point. Saturday's training session answers that question as well as anything I could say, I think. ..

To see this footwork in action,  play the video and jump  to about 2 minutes 15 seconds. Riley has opinions. Overall, though, it was a good session. My litmus test for progress is to compare the beginning of the ride to the end -- there's a big improvement in his attitude and way of going.

He's just being a baby, but I'm ever grateful that I have someone to work through the little  discussions with confidence and aplomb.

In case you need more reasons I'm not riding him...
  • It's still early yet! I'd rather let the trainer set the tone and send the clear message of what's expected of him as a riding horse.
  • He's being ridden three times a week. That's plenty for right now.
  • I have the Harvster to ride.
I'd be shaking in my boots at the prospect of riding some young horses -- but not Riley. He hasn't reacted in any way to make me think I'd get hurt. It's not about fears, or  ego, it's about what is best for the boy.  I'm happy to wait a bit...


  1. Youngsters can be tricky and Riley looks to be no exception. Better to start him off right than run into trouble with something you don't feel confident in handling. He's doing just fine! (If a bit silly now and then. *G*)

  2. Completely with you on this--although I am riding my greenie, as well as my friend the professional trainer. My horse did this exact maneuver in the outdoor yesterday and knocked a rail out of the split rail fence. :) But I continued on, then longed some, then the trainer got on, gave him several little spanks and continued on to show me his LOVELY canter (which I haven't done yet) and how he can behave. He knows I am older and weaker. He's not malicious, just green. My advice to you: RIDE, RIDE, RIDE somebody.

  3. Hay!

    Just dropped in to let you know that if the excitement of watching baby Riley act out isn't enough to thrill you to the core, you can pop on over to and enter our new storytelling contest! It should shape up nicely.

    Ears to you,
    Fenway Bartholomule


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