Monday, July 26, 2010

Edward Gal Masterclass: A four part series

This part is on tempo changes at the walk, trot, and canter...


  1. The only thing I keep noticing is how much behind the vertical the horse tends to be. Even when Gal says "he is stretching his neck" it is not forward and down, but down and back. It's not exactly rolkur, but I'd so much more like to see a horse stretch "out."

    This is one of those tricky dressage things I constantly ponder.

  2. What he calls "Lowerink deh neck" I call cranking. It's always painful to watch btv. Even when a horse purposefully goes btv, it's not the same as when they are made to do it.

    At least he is wearing a helmet. :-/

  3. And if this is the same master class footage (I can't bring myself to watch it again to see) check out the hind leg on the horse. Something's off and Gal never seems to notice, or care.

    I remain unimpressed with his riding. If the judges utilized the existing FEI rules during his tests, he wouldn't be getting the scores he does.

  4. But... I think he is saying some very useful things/ideas. As a hunter/jumper rider we often forget about changing our horse's tempo. We stick our horses in one tempo and that is it and any gait and that is about it. Good reminder for me to add tempo changes in to my horse's routine. Have to agree that I was a bit miffed at his horse's "strech" one of the reasons I have a hard time watching dressage- they never seem to get their nose out of their chest.

  5. I played around with this idea when I rode today. My horse felt so adjustable and attentive and his balance definitely benefited. But don't worry, I let him stretch his neck down and gave him lots of rein. ;)


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