Saturday, July 24, 2010

Know your hoof: The shape of things

I found this great visual at prepared/shared by Vickey Hollingsworth, and equine podiatrist. She posts on COTH as Auventera Two and her opinion seems to be respected on the board -- not true of everyone!

Most of us know the hoof is not symmetrical, but I didn't understand how it is asymmetrical. This visual shows how the medial (toward the center of the body) side of the hoof is shaped compared to the lateral (away from the body, or outside aspect of the hoof) side.


  1. Very interesting. I take it this is common to all horses/hoofs??

  2. Another neat comparison is the front versus the hind feet. They are very different in shape.

    Look at her trimming photos and you will see some amazing work. I like her site a lot.

  3. Maybe more weight bearing on that surface?
    As someone who has had to obsess over hooves, I always appreciate your sharing.


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