Saturday, July 10, 2010

Live from Lexington -- a word about the sponsors...

 Remember to Vote for Sheri for Purina's WEG Blog-o-spondent competition! And now I'd like to acknowledge the sponsors...

Most of you know that I entered this competition but was not selected among the semi-finalists. What I didn't mention is that I emailed my Purina contact when I heard some of the semi-finalists had been named.  I didn't really expect an answer but hoped they might get back to me with something -- even a "no dice, but thanks for playing" would have been okay.

Purina is a class act
I got an email message almost immediately. The rep was forthcoming, telling me the strengths and weaknesses of my entry and even what sponsors had me in their top four.  It was such a classy exchange, I came away feeling good even though I had not been selected.

Purina's products -- a plug
Riley is my problem child and when something works for him I don't rock the boat. He does well on Progressive Nutrition feed It is expensive. Drat. What are you gonna do?

Harvey has been a hard keeper in the past [click here for a horrible picture of skinny Harv 13 years ago]. We moved to a new facility a few years ago and for the first time, he has been eating Purina feed. It's the first senior product he's ever been on and he loves it.  I'm a freak about feeding lots of hay but with Harv I've been able to relax a little, because he's delightfully chunky on the standard amount the barn provides. He's very low maintenance, knock on wood, and at 23 he looks great.

Thanks Purina, for a great horse feed and for sponsoring Live From Lexington!


  1. It is very impressive that you were able to get such meaningful feedback about your entry. I am glad that I am supporting a respectable company by purchasing Purina feed. Ultium keeps my hard keeper in good weight with plenty of fuel left over for the fun stuff.
    I have very much enjoyed reading the blog posts from this contest. Thanks Purina!

  2. We feed ultium at the same facility, horses seem to do well on it.

  3. How great that someone took the time to give you a proper answer (and how unusual, too!)
    The link at the top of your post to vote for Sheri generates an error code - the dreaded 404. The one at the bottom works fine (I was on vote #3 for today and thought I'd do it from your place ;o)

  4. It might just be the work filters but the vote link isn't working for me. Of course I've already voted 5 times from my home computer


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