Sunday, July 18, 2010

A milestone for BTB, and a teaser

Well, this is a milestone! This weekend BTB registered 1001 readers, the first time we've hit 4 figures. Hoo! Ray!

And here's a little teaser for this week's Riley video update. Cavaletti!!!

From Vimeo...

Riley cavaletti July 17 from Behind the Bit Blog on Vimeo.
From Youtube...


  1. Well isnt he just completely fantastic?! Such a lovely horse. Congrats on 1000 readers! I'd be excited just to hit 100!!! Keep up the excellent work!

  2. Holy smokes that's a lot of subscriptions - congratulations Stacey!

  3. He looks great. Lots of loft and a nice round back over the poles.

    That's a lot of readers. You should be pleased. I know it's always worth a visit.


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