Saturday, July 31, 2010

Regalia and Ruby HTF: what beauties!

I ran across these video on Hilltop Farm's Youtube page. The colt, Regalia, is possibly the loveliest yearling I've ever seen. Look at that neck! Hilltop Farm bred him and his sire is Rascalino,  a Rotspon (who is by Rubenstein) son who is known for throwing a lot of white and great temperament.

He looks tall doesn't he? Won't someone buy him for me? No?

And let's hear it for the girls...
Ruby is by Royal Prince who I think is by Rohdiamant. I think Ruby's movement is an interesting contrast to Regalia's -- less boing-boing. IMHO she has the fluidity, a more "sit down" kinda trot, and arguably the makings of a better canter. I wonder how someone with more experience would characterize the differences between them. At any rate, she is such a young lady, so relaxed with a sweet open face. Love her.

Let's follow their development as young horses if we can...


  1. As an eventer, I'd take the filly hands down. In theory of course, since I don't do mares, LOL. But I like her canter much more, she has a bigger overstep, and I think she's a more fluid mover. The colt is more showy, less ground covering.

  2. I like Ruby's canter a lot better. And I think her trot will develop more loft as she grows. Right now it has a nice fluidity to all her gaits, and a smoother movement overall.

    But Regalia is bouncier now. Hard to say, but of the two, I think Ruby would make the more comfortable ride.

    All that being said, it's SO hard judging yearlings. I think it takes a true professional judge to know for sure. I'll be interested to hear your other readers' comments.

  3. Ruby is rather flat kneed which is desired in the Hunter ring. She has the better canter of the two, imo.
    I think Regalia would make the better Dressage mount though. More push to help bring those shoulders up

  4. Oh, MAN that is one handsome fella; both of them appear to be very sweet natured (which is definitely a biggie for me :o)

  5. I'm very biased toward the Rubinstein line. My boy's by Rotspon and I LOVE him! Thanks for posting these videos. They're great. What beauties. You always find such interesting things to post.

  6. One of my gripes about riderless videos is I don't like it when they chase the horse around a field or paddock w/ a longe whip. The gaits are not those of what the horse is like under saddle but more of a flight mode. The back is inverted and the tail lifted. The canters aren't true. However, the filly was more relaxed. I see the differences, and think I prefer the filly also.

  7. Love them both.
    The colt is extremely striking as he is being led in the beginning. I like the calm expression and fluid, ground-covering gaits of the filly, but there is something about the colt. He is very handy and that boy can push himself off the ground. Perhaps these are the early signs of potential, not only for lifting the shoulders, but for piaffe and passage. I am sure that someone who has brought many young horses from the beginning would be able to see so much in these two.
    Do you ask them if you may post the videos on your blog? Just wondering how that works.

  8. Hi Val, no I don't ask if the videos are already publicly shared on Youtube (as these are). The video owner can turn that off sharing of the embed code, and these vids are pretty much "out there." If I were aware of restrictions, or if this was more than an informal blog I would ask.

  9. I think that both are quite lovely movers, just different.

    One correction is that Regalia was not bred by Hilltop Farm, but rather by Hof Mendenhall in MA. The person that bought Regalia from Hof Mendenhall uses Hilltop's young horse raising program.

    Here is the breeder's website

  10. Thanks for the clarification Kris -- the video has no accompanying text, so I only knew that the Regalia is associated with HTF. The filly is by one of their sires so it makes sense she's out of their program. I wondered why they would use outside stallions.

  11. I've loved Rascalino ever since I saw Melanie Pai's two lovely fillies. They're both lovely young horses. But I'm a sucker for lots of chrome and bays and blacks.


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