Thursday, July 22, 2010

Riley update part II: Flabulosity

After my trainer, it's my turn to ride Riley. Remember the rule of show business, never follow children or animals? Note to self -- never follow your your petite, fit,  trainer-who-has-no-sweat-glands. It's hot. I'm totally out of shape. I feel/look like a giant gelatinous blob, and Dear God what posessed me to wear horizontal stripes?  In this open/fenceless ring Riley can lose his steering, so I pull him up from a lovely canter before we go into the corner.  "Did you lose your stirrup?" asked my trainer. No, I lost my nerve.

If you want to hear the actual audio (not the music), and my trainer's 
kind and encouraging words, here's the Vimeo version...
After I got off she got back on to "reset the parameters" which is a nice way of saying... Well, you guys know what it means. In retrospect, I needed to be taking lessons all of this time, instead of hacking the Harvster around aimlessly. I'm embarrassed at how spent I am after this brief session. Riley is a good sport, though, isn't he? This is my wakeup call!


  1. Hey, who're you calling flabby? I don't see flab out there. You may be a little lacking in stamina and focus but nothing that some time in the saddle and refresher lessons won't fix.

    You two look FABULOUS, darling!

  2. Ok, I have obviously never met your trainer but I already know I adore her. What a fantastic way she has of encouraging towards better riding

  3. You two look fabo, but then we are always harder on ourselves. I stay away from any stripes so I feel your pain with those things.

    Have you tried yoga? I think I remember you writing something on that at one time. It helped a lot with being able to "feel" where my body is and what it is doing and will help with strength and toning. And power yoga can help with stamina.

  4. Somehow I keep missing the gelatinous blob portion of the video. Perhaps my computer condenses things..? *G* Don't sell yourself short. You look good up there.

    The only thing you need to work on at the trot is detaching your arms/hand from your body as you post. That's where you'd get the steadier contact so Riley would stay a little more in frame. The little bit of canter looks really good, so you certainly can do it when your seat is "there."

    Your trainer is right on the money about getting him into that outside rein and "putting your hand right on that fuzzy." If you think about that, your hands will start to steady up and Riley will be more reliable about keeping the contact. She is a super teacher and a beautiful rider. You and Riley are lucky to work with her.

  5. Ok, I cant get past the hysterical music!!!! You look great. There is a reason the trainers get paid the big bucks, they are superhuman and make our horses look like they are about $40,000 more than when we ride them. It gives us all something to aspire to. That said, YOU look awesome! You are soft, he is coming into a nice soft contact. I think a little more forward and he'd be plugging along not too unlike what you're trainer gets. This is fantastic video...and for the record, you're skinny so stop all this flabby globby business :)

  6. Bah! You look great! And I actully think the music matches well with the rhythm of his trot. I thought it was cute. :) Can you say, training level musical freestyle?

    Seriously, you look great. But I know what you mean about being out of shape. Some lessons (like my last one) just about kill me.

  7. You look great! And Riley looks like everything your posts have said you hoped he would be. A gentleman, despite being young, mellow, gorgeous, and a perfect size for you!

    You should be proud of what a great job you did picking him, raising him, and finding the trainer who would be perfect for both of you to look so good together now!

  8. I have to tell you that my son was standing here and he said, "Oh! Pretty horse, Mom! Go horsey go!" (he's 3 1/2 btw)

    I think you looked great! I also think that you and he are a nice size together. As a tall girl, I know how hard it is to find a horse that looks good under you.

    You and Riley are a great pair! I think your trainer (who I LOVE and haven't ever met her) is doing an awesome job with him and with you!

    Keep up the awesome work! :)

  9. Great blog :-) Riley is a cutie! Here's another horsey blog to check out:

  10. That was fun! You did a great job, horizontal lines and all. Riley is a real dreamboat.

    And to your trainer: Hooray for straight necks!

  11. I am very sorry to say that I understand completely. What makes it harder is that the brain remembers what the body forgets (and sometimes the auto response kicks in before you realize that you can't quite do that anymore *sigh*).
    Your trainer sounds like she's absolutely terrific (we should clone her, definitely :o)

  12. Well, I have a slant board AND a roman chair at HOME, the former is actually in our living room, so there is no excuse for weak abs. I think I need to do yoga/flexibility stuff. And run. And weights.

  13. Blob? OMG. I couldn't even see the horse because your tremendously oversized body was overshadowing him. Maybe you could get one of those anorexic supermodels on him so I could see something?

    You two look muuuuuch better than you think. ;)

  14. "I feel/look like a giant gelatinous blob, and Dear God what possessed me to wear horizontal stripes?"

    What a load of nonsense!!! If I were judging a conformation class for dressage riders, you would be the physical type I'd be looking for.

    I am now deep in envy. Although I am disproportionately leggy, I have neither your height or your smaller frame. :-(


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