Friday, July 2, 2010

"It's reining men!!!" (a vote for Sheri reminder)

 Voting hint for the WEG: Did you know that you can vote up to five times/day in the WEG blog-o-sondent competition? It's no big secret and other semi-finalists are telling their fans, so I thought I'd pass the info along. Here are the instructions for clearing the cache of major browsers. You need to clear the cache/cookies after you vote each time.

Today's excuse for my "vote for Sheri" reminder

Wow,  one of my favorite publications  -- The Horse (an AAEP magazine) -- seems to be having a little trouble in the editing department, at least for their World Equestrian Games Preview

Vote for Sheri Israel!
Sheri, are you going to cover reining or raining, or if the weather doesn't hold up, BOTH??? Go to and vote. Voting ends July 12, and you can vote up to 5X  every day!



  1. The link to voting instructions is not working. The website has only been letting me vote once a day, so there must be some trick I haven't discovered yet...

    I really hope Sheri wins. I think her writing is on a completely different level than the other contestants and I enjoy reading her blog.

  2. to be honest I'm not sure how they are going to split up the WEG between the two winners. I know one will go for the first half and one for the second, but I don't know how they are picking who does what. I just hope that if I go I get to cover dressage! ;)

    I would love to cover reining too. I really hope I DON'T have to cover raining. But I might.

  3. I wondered about that when I saw the surge in the vote count for one of the competitors (then I tried it and it let me vote again :o)
    The wonders [dangers] of Spell Check; best one I ever caught was a missing L in the word "public" (it was a mass school system mailing from the superintendent). What really blew me away is that I was the first person to catch it. You know, that grapevine sure can operate at warp speed; seemed like it was less than an hour later that little tidbit had spread throughout the entire school system. Betcha he has someone proofreading his correspondence now... *Grin*


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