Thursday, July 8, 2010

WEG trade fair preview: I don't give one Iota.

At the WEG, a company called Iota "Fashion and Real Estate" will be at the Trade Fair.

When you pair fashion with real estate I guess you an assume that both are big ticket items.  I have my own mental category of clothing -- things I would not wear that I can appreciate. For the right person, and the right occasion,  these coats are going to be the talk of the party--in a good way. The names of these are one-of-a-kind-gold and one-of-a-kind-denim shirling. I'm more fond of the gold, as it matches Riley :-).

 And here is one I'd take home in a heartbeat. I believe it is deerskin.

Bob, are you reading this? 

Just kidding...


  1. Some high fashion I just do not understand. The coats do look warm, but they are a bit too flashy for me. I am more and more into practical over statement.

  2. If they were not real, I would love to own those coats! I'm a huge fan of coats after 4 years in New Hampshire with one down jacket for all purposes and occasions.

    A tip of what at least seems to be happening with my computer: Voting from the page vs. voting from Sheri's page appear to be treated differently, and I don't get the "you've already voted" message. It could be related to the fact I'm voting from work, and our IP addresses don't stay constant, but something to try...

  3. Oh - I like! My mother had a coat like those back in the 60s and a revived it around 1990. It was so retro.


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