Monday, August 23, 2010

Bucks County LVDA Recognized show: an 81%!!!

Yes it's true. The chance of rain that day was 81%!!!!!

Heh, heh.

Rain and thunderstorms were predicted all day.   I did some hand-wringing that morning as the rain pelted and the leaves blew through the barn. At noon, the sun came out, and after that the weather was quirky but basically fine. At the show grounds we had drizzling, then sun, then wind, then fast-moving clouds. 

No, Riley didn't get an 81% (sorry, bad joke) but he was a star -- easy to trailer and handle, compliant in the warmup,  happy and sweet-faced in both tests (training 3 and 4). He made big improvements in his halts and stretchy trot.

Training 4
He got a 60.00% in T4 --  the first test he rode. I haven't seen the test or judge's comments but as a doting mom I was expecting a higher score. It's true that he had a few abrupt changes, and he was BTV during a few sequences.  I guess I'd say the judge was tough but fair. It is training 4 after all.

Training 3
He was getting tuckered out, but he looked a bit more relaxed, and here he got a 66%.  Thought this score was right on the money.

It was a great day!


  1. Sooooper Doooper!! What a star Riley is proving to be. He looks great!

    I was worrying a bit about you too when my car radio issued a tornado warning for parts of Pennsylvania. Glad to hear all was well, and the day was such a success. Those scores are really good for only the second time out.

  2. Good for Riley! A 66% in T3 is nothing to sneeze at.

    I have a hard time getting my perfectionist daughter to understand that dressage scores don't all cluster above 80 as her regular school marks do.

  3. He looks great! He's such a nice moving horse!

  4. Quite a difference between the vids; he does look a lot more relaxed in the second one. Way to go Riley! :o)

  5. Beautiful tests, and for only being out a couple of times, really nice! It's going to be great to see him move up the levels. One thing, I would take those running martingale stops off the reins.

  6. Very pretty lifting of the shoulders in the canter at 3:08 in the T3 video. Congratulations on a great day!

  7. Very impressive. All that hard work is paying off! He seems happy and relaxed. Keep it up!

  8. The one upside to all Riley's misadventures with his foot is that he got so much exposure to the outside world. He really learned patience. So proud of him!

  9. He looks great, coming right along, seems very relaxed about being away from home. I see what you mean about him getting behind the vertical at times but your trainer looks like she's doing a nice job of sending him forward again when he does. Can I ask a stupid H/J rider question? How come dressage riders don't change their posting diagonal when they change direction?


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