Thursday, August 5, 2010

Consumer Price Spot Check: Stall Gates

Riley enjoys a nice dutch door (bottom half only, no top half) on his stall. Unfortunately, he has gotten in the habit of thrusting his big head out of his dutch door and annoying boarders and their horses in nearby cross ties. He also likes to lean on the door (naughty naughty). The remedy, as usual, seems to be up-ending my wallet. The web stall guards don't work, he chews them to pieces. Gotta buy a stall gate. 

My shopping research
This 33X52 "show stall gate is available at a number of equestrian Web sites. I'm going to say they're all identical and from the same manufacturer.So let's do some cost comparisons!

  1. The winner at $97 plus tax is Valley Vet Supply at $55 for the gate and $42 for shipping.
  2. Dover Saddlery, total $159 plus tax ( $119 for the gate, about $40 for shipping). 
  3. Shanes Tack, total $130 ($96 for gate,  $34 for shipping etc.)
  4. Big Dees  over $109  (85 for gate, $24 for shipping)
Oh, and while I'm on the subject of stall gates, there are stall gates out there that look interesting (although not terribly chic). They're from Equigym and another company--not cheap, but they look safe don't they?


    1. I have the yoke gates myself, but no problems with the aisle because the Boys are all mine and I don't crosstie in front of a door.

      My Boys would be naughty too in the barn....Tucker especially, so I sympathize. Riley is just trying to find ways to empty your wallet, that's for sure. Tell him you are going to take it out of his carrot money--that's what I tell my Boys. (Like I'd ever do that....but the threat sure feels good. *LOL*)

      The blue one looks interesting. You always find such cool stuff to spend money on.

    2. Funny how the prices fluctuate, isn't it? I am ever so thankful that we live right around the corner from Jeffers (they have a terrific sale barn for scratch n' dents and discontinued items :o)


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