Tuesday, August 10, 2010

My very first horse show

Yes, this is me at my first horse show as a weekly lesson rider, junior high. Canary breeches. Mom's gloves. I'm  posting this to circumvent blackmail attempts (this may not be the only copy).

Oh, I got sixth place out of nine.

Do you have childhood show pix and memories to share?


  1. Oh, I looked worse than that!! I had, at one time, an olive green jacket to wear with my canary breeches. *G*

    But then again, back in the "old days" riding fashions were not the big business they are now. You look great to me!!

  2. Don'cha just love those blasts from the past? *LAUGH* Pretty canny of you to go ahead and post it first. I posted one from my very first horse show this past Mother's Day:
    In Honor of Mother's Day
    Cracked me up when I found it...my legs just barely went past the bottom of the saddle :o)

  3. You look cute and I love canary!

    A boisterous soccer game was in progress in a neighboring field (out of sight, but loud) during my first horse show. A sudden cheer sent my cantering pony into a mad dash. Somehow I kept him in the ring and brought him back just in time for the free walk. He basically transitioned from a gallop to a free walk (I know it sounds impossible) and the judge gave us an 8 for that walk. My riding instructor's husband used to love to tell the story for years afterward. I wish I had a picture!

  4. Great story Val! And it makes the point that one bad moment doesn't necessarily ruin a test.

  5. Jean, that jacket was formerly owned by one of the Cheskas, "big name" young riders at that time. My brush with fame.


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