Saturday, August 28, 2010

It's not about the ribbons...

Or is it? I look pretty happy here. This is a high school photo, and I won a junior hunter championship on a horse that I also foxhunted, Foxfire. Good old Fox. He wasn't fancy but what a good egg. And, yes, that is a monogrammed sweater.

Back to the future
My trainer left Riley's ribbons from this Sunday on his stall door. The LVDA ribbons are GORGEOUS!!!! A second and sixth place (red and green are a great combo). They're longer than most, with white accents, and the rosettes are fancy-schmancy. I festooned our front door with them so that Bob saw them when he got home.  There was much ooohing and ahhhing; the cats were jealous.

Good job LVDA show planners--we had a blast, and everyone was so helpful, and now these spankin' ribbons.


  1. My cats would not be jealous, they would be hungry and find a way to chew ribbons to pieces.

    I have a photo of me in leggings, cut, off the shoulder sweatshirt, and Farrah Faucet Haircut. lol

  2. SO glad you enjoy them! Sam & I had so much fun picking them out! We also are changing the schooling show ribbons as well! WOO HOO!!

  3. I hope the ribbons are out of Riley't reach. I can still remember leaving a ribbon on the stall door only to fine it lying about in shredded pieces in the stall the next day, and a very innocent horse just kind of standing there with that "Who me?" look.

    I finally decided since he'd won the ribbon, whatever he wanted to do with it was just fine. *LOL*

  4. I always used to think it was "funny" how different all the ribbons were from show to show; some being much prettier than others. Not being a competitive sort, my post show pics were happy whether I won or lost (you know, your basic Thank goodness that's over type grin ;o)


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