Saturday, August 21, 2010

Toe-flipping: a collection of thoughts from the masters

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Icelandic Horse Connection

The Flipping Up of the Front Foot

This is a fault caused by a loss of correct connection from back to front. It is usually the result of tension somewhere in the topline. It can occur when
the horse is held BTV (behind the vertical) or when his head is held up, such as in star-gazing. The loss of freedom to
stretch the neck makes the horse hollow at the base of the neck or back and
the resulting tension tightens the underneck muscles which continues down
the front of the leg, therefore there is little bend in the knee resulting in the toe flick.

Lendon Gray says that horses that flick their
toes often have tightness in their body somewhere and more extravagant
movement in front (than behind) to start with. It can be an indication that
the horse has been pushed for a greater lengthening than he is capable of
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  1. Once again a fascinating bit of information that tells us some of the so-called superstars may not be so super after all.


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