Friday, September 17, 2010

Devon preview: Riley's "bro" De Feiner Star

Hands down, this is the nicest DeLaurentis son I have ever seen -- he's a stallion prospect named De Feiner Star (DFS). He'll be at Devon, competing in an under saddle class on Wednesday -- materiale, I think. His mom will be there too, and I'd like to see her because I bet she is spectacular based on this fellow's gaits. Delaurentis is known for passing on beautiful conformation and especially lovey heads and necks -- but DFS's gaits are far more extravagant than his dad's. I cannot wait to see the mom and son.

DFS competed at the Young Horse Championships at Lamplight where he scored a 75.2% for an eighth place finish among top young horses in the U.S. 


  1. Saw both at the breed show I scribed for a few weeks ago... Both very nice horses indeed, they were champ and reserve (son and momma respectively) of the in-hand classes that day. The judge was especially impressed with DFS in the materiale class. I can't wait to see what he does when he's older!

  2. We are breeding some really nice horses here in the USA!

    Had to laugh a bit at his young horse "wiggles" but it shows both his personality and his youth. Another nice example of a youngster allowed to go freely without being cranked into a frame.

  3. Really enjoyed watching the test. You find the best videos! Thanks.

  4. I couldn't finish watching the test because of the riders lower leg - jiggle and nag much? Takes away from how nicely the horse was going...


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