Sunday, September 5, 2010

Fare thee well Cabana Boy

I'm guessing most of you have heard that we lost Cabana Boy, a Contucci son owned by Hilltop Farm. He was competing with enormous success with Chris Hickey and they were aiming for the Pan Am Games. He got injured in the pasture. No one saw it, but according to Dressage Daily he was found standing by the gate with a shattered knee.

I just posted an article about horse injuries that suggests most horse accidents are the result of human error. This tragic pasture mishap serves as a grim reminder that sometimes bad things just happen.

I watched this musical freestyle tonight.  What a happy, forward, ride, and what a perfect choice the Beach Boy's music is for this All-American "surf's up" kind of horse. Fare thee well, CB.


  1. Tears in my eyes once again. We seem to be having a number of sad events in the blogging world I frequent and this one goes well beyond that world.

    I do like that freestyle. Cabana Boy looks so forward and happy. So sad the world has lost him. Chris must be devastated.

    Heaven has a new dancer within its gates. RIP Cabana Boy.

  2. so relaxed. Love those floppy ears. What a shame.

  3. Very sad - I lost a wonderful mare to a turnout accident and know it can happen to anyone, any time.

  4. What a beautiful boy and how sad that he is gone. Blue Horse Matinee was another horse who was amazing in the dressage ring. She died unexpectedly too; so tragic.

  5. He was beautiful... so sorry to hear what happened.


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