Friday, September 24, 2010

Felicitas: The end of the lesson

Riley's canter has improved from being near-four-beat to what you see in this clinic -- although he's tired in this footage. He's always lagged a bit with the hind, but stall rest really did a number on him. Kudos to Riley's trainer for doing a lot of hill work, which I'm sure helped. The trot? Well, look at the video -- hind legs not so quick at the start, but I love the way it improves over the course of this session...


  1. I watched it 3 times! Wish we could get FVNC to come to NS for a clinic... but I'd probably be too intimidated to ride anyway :)
    Riley is doing sooo well.

  2. Watched all the videos of Riley at this clinic that you posted. FVNC is certainly tough, but I love her big, expressive style. At first, I thought I'd be intimidated by instructors who are overly vocal, but now I think it's the best, huge encouragement and huge "no, don't do that!" scolding for right and wrong moves on part of the rider.

    Where do all the good instructors learn this similar teaching style?.... oh yeah, it's the way we train our horses, too! Huge encouragement, and quick, immediate correction when the situation calls for it.

    Riley looks awesome. Did FVNC have anything to say about him after the riding portion?

  3. She said "wear spurs."

    Think she was referring to Devon :-)

  4. He's getting so *big* -- as in he's got that really wide, muscular look that I so adore in a dressage horse. He's muscled up lovely with the work you and your trainer have put in.

    I can't wait to see how well he does at Devon.

  5. The end of an excellent lesson. Felicitas is very encouraging and helpful while being strict and demanding at the same time. She is an excellent teacher.

    Riley looks good. Devon, here you come! Not long now. I hope everyone has fun, no matter what the placings. If it's not fun, it's not worth doing. *G*

  6. I guess wearing a helmet isn't mandatory at that barn?


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