Monday, September 27, 2010

The "I'm at Devon, catch ya later" post ;-)

Ran across this clip Sunday night. Have I shown this one before? Don't think so. I didn't intentionally break up the Felitas clinic (would have been a bit more methodical if I'd done it on purpose. I just put the camera down when I wanted to watch. So while I'm away at Devon, here is the last bit of footage. There are nuggets of wisdom throughout, so I don't feel too bad about sharing this in bits and pieces...


  1. That is one beautiful horse! He is GORGEOUS!

  2. I love these videos. There's lots to learn in each one, especially for someone like me with a horse at a similar stage. I must remember the quickness required in posting when transitioning back to trot - I tend to loose steam then.
    In my opinion Riley has never looked better than he does in this clinic (he seems to be taking contact better, with all the accompanying benefits). And he always looks great!


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