Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Selten HWF, young horse champion on

You all know I'm a big fan of Horse Hero, the U.K. equestrian video subscription site. While I'm not a member of I hope to join once I'm riding Riley regularly. I do appreciate that they shared this video of the Selten HW, a young horse who went on to make history as a three time Markel/USEF National Young Horse Dressage Championship -- as a 4, 5, and 6 year old. Bred in U.S. he's an example of the kind of horse we can produce...


  1. I love to see American breeding developing like this. Looks to me as if our young horses are quite ready to match horses coming out of Europe.

    This guy looked really free in his gaits with really nice natural impulsion. Those judges are tough, but, fair with the scores. Wonder what "the perfect 10" would look like?

  2. I love his rider (especially her voice!) in the first video (I assume the same rider as in the one below). Her voice and manner of riding are both so gentle and serene; just the sort of style you want in someone training a young and very talented horse.


  3. I love the trot in the first video so much - the impulsion is unbelievable. All of it is beautiful. A great story.

  4. Lovely horse. I notice the major air time the rider has because of his lofty trot. She seems to have to grip with her knee. Is this the price we pay for these kinds of gaits? It is so lovely, but sometimes it seems what dressage is becoming is more about the gaits. Mixed feelings here.

  5. Wow... Beautiful horse and what a gorgeous venue!

  6. Two words to describe Worth It!

    Okay, so I got my subscription paid for as a gift. Also, I spend way too much time watching Hubertus Schmidt riding Furst Fabio.


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