Friday, September 3, 2010

What the heck, go for the iPad...

Well, in a lapse of good judgement Purina failed to select me as their WEG blogger ;-). Oh well, I'm never one to hold a grudge--especially when I might could win an iPad! The Live from Lexington contest just keeps coming back on my radar. Now, if you visit the blog(s), you can register to win more stuff, including an iPad. I'd love to win but it would be almost as cool if one of you guys won. So visit, and enter, daily!

Live from Lexington Contest Prizes
$10 off Purina Feed Coupons // Huge Prize Giveaways! // Purina Feed Scoops // George Morris Horsemastership Booklets // Visit the Blogs and Enter the Sweeps!
16GB Apple iPad WiFi (Grand Prize)
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  1. I love how our wonderful winner, Kristine Oakhurst has BARELY posted for the blog after winning, but Nina is posting her butt off!

    Just goes to show who actually deserved to win...

  2. Well -- I predicted (gently) that corporate sponsorship might cramp her style. Can't say for sure that's the reason, but I know *I'd* be conscious of representing a venerable old company...

    I wish for the bloggers' sakes they had a bit more functionality with their blogging -- no pix? Is it a technical issue or more the difficulty in findng usable material.

    Hopefully they'll be able to have some good fodder for visuals at WEG.

  3. I'm not so sure it's just her style being cramped. She's also been very very slow at updated her own blogs. She's done 2 posts since she won. 1 was accusing the other bloggers of bad horsemanship, the other about bits, in which she says she'll post more soon. It'd be nice to just even have a reason from her though on why she's so slow to post.

    p.s. the only reason I post anonymously on your board is I can't remember my google account password... love your blog!

  4. I know she's a retail manager for Dover and at one point she mentioned a fairly punishing work schedule. This week was my he-- week (incoming freshmen!) so I'm feeling empathy.

    She was not my favorite of the Purina blogger candidates (I'm just into writing that has a more positive vibe) but she does grab your attention...

  5. Well, the contest is only for U.S. residents and their blogging isn't that interesting to me at this moment, so I'll wait until the games start to see if they're actually worth reading!


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