Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Who 'dat? My second favorite four-year-old at Devon, 2010

When I was doing the breed show thing a few years ago I saw a lot of 2006 babies (Riley's same age cohorts). A few really stood out, and I like to keep up with their progress  and what they're doing. One of the "wow factor" babies was bred at Rolling Stone Farm in Slatington PA. By Sandro Hit out of EM Rhussia (Rotspon),  I believe he was sold  in utero.  The new owner must be living under a lucky star :-), or else she's just savvy about bloodlines.

 What's so cool about him?

  • He is a stallion  -- this year he was licensed by the American Hanoverian Society.
  • The owner is an amateur rider, and she rides this horse herself. She was one of few amateur riders  at the young horse championships in Illinois. 
  • His temperament (as evidenced from his show performances) seems very  unstallion-like!
Here he is doing the four year old test at Devon on Friday. It was chilly, windy, and rainy, yet look at this solid, steady, lovely ride (if you can't view youtube, click here for Vimeo version).

The judges at Devon were complimentary and especially appreciated the steadiness of his contact in the bridle. He got an 8.2 overall I think.


  1. What a nice young horse!! And his training is wonderful! Hope his career soars. Kudos to his rider for a beautiful test.

  2. I am spellbound by his incredibly consistent outline, something I had a lesson on just today. Beauty and harmony in motion.

  3. You're right, he is a lovely young horse!

  4. Thanks for posting, it was a joy to watch! And encouraging to see an amateur rider/owner showing their own horse.

  5. Heather R - FloridaOctober 7, 2010 at 8:00 AM

    Just gorgeous! She is one heck of a trainer/rider. Thank you for sharing!


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