Saturday, October 30, 2010

Rollkur en dressur? Google breaks the language barrier?

We dressage enthusiasts are total Europhiles, and the Dutch and the Germans are the masters of dressage. So I figured we should find out what the riders of  Germany and the Netherlands think  about the hot dressage topics. To this end I searched online forums in those countries. I found a lot of information. Well, shoot. I don't know either language.

Google to the rescue! 
I used the Google online translator so we can glean wisdom from Dutch/German dressage riders -- what are they saying about the critical dressage topics of the day? Google translations to the rescue!


Wow, the pictures of Totilas can occur one goosebumps!
 The horse [Totilas] gave speeches at the European championships on his own.


I would not want to turn my head against my anatomy so down.
The attitude of horse and rider do not always have to write home about.  


 Anky outside the hands of the white picket fences regularly see are somewhere between her ears. Then I thought to myself: if I put a picture of it bucks I get paid twice as hard.

Talk about broken English...


  1. Uhm....those are some pretty bad translations OR, some pretty strange comments.

    What's with Anky and the picket fences, I wonder??? *lol*

  2. You know, I think you just explained the [unintentionally] hilarious letter I blogged about yesterday. See, it was about this bear in Malaysia who died and left me large sums of money that was unusable. All I have to do is give permission for Mr. Mohammedyusuf to present my kind of self as next of kin....

  3. I going against my anatomy do not either like.

  4. OMG! thanks for the morning laughs.


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