Thursday, November 18, 2010

Padre's runs at Devon: Video!!!

Patti describes the first class. When they announced the results of the first class...

"...they announced 2nd place as the Oldenburg Stallion. The horse did not march forward and for a moment I wondered if I heard wrong and that I was suppose to walk forward. They recalled the Oldenburg and I gave Padre’ a huge hug realizing that he was about to be named the winner. As they called Padre’ as the first place horse, the stands began to cheer. My three students who came to watch had told the crowd Padre’s story and they joined in our excitement. Padre’ and I marched forward to receive our ribbon and plate. I was so excited that I could not control my joy in the moment and started I to cry. It was the most amazing show moment I could have imagined."

The first class, four year old and older stallions

The stallion championship -- interesting to see "the competition"


  1. He's SO nice!! I can barely believe that's a mustang... crazy.

  2. He is a beauty. I think he is "softer" in his hind end than the other horse...meaning, if you watch his hindquarter topline, you can see more movement there.

    Also interesting, is that he is not a huge horse. My friend has adopted a little mustang mare-- lovely mover, beautiful horse, and she's small. Maybe people will begin to see that horses under 16.3 can actually compete? *G*

  3. All I can say is, what a beautiful little hunk o' horsecake!

  4. I am crazy about this horse but there is one thing about him I would change - his back feet are a bit close together in movement, and when the judge is walking around looking at him I kind of wish his back feet had been squared up more, farther apart, when he was standing for judgment. Does anybody else notice this? I didn't notcie it at all under saddle but somehow it jumped out at me in these in-hand videos. Like I know what the heck I'm talking about!! He won first place, dummy! But thought I'd mention that. I would put bell boots on his back feet to protect them striking each other - am I hallucinating? Again I am insane crazy for Padre. Love him. Love what he's doing. His input is so, so needed!!


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