Sunday, November 14, 2010

Princequillo: Majestic thoroughbred of the past

Harv's sire, High Tribute, is by Princequillo (sire or grandsire I think), and Harv looks just like his dad. He's a good example of soundness -- still being ridden at 23 -- and if I were thoroughbred shopping this strikes me as a good line to look for. If you saw the Secretariat movie you noticed John Malkovich's eye's lighting up when he read the pedigree of one of the mares included Princequillo.

Somewhere I read that this French TB was smuggled across German lines in the early 1940s. 

Princequillo- Mr. Fixit

Princequillo, a Thoroughbred often referred to as Mr. Fixit for his ability to correct leg problems and give soundness, is a great source of stamina in our American horses. If you look at his pedigree you will see it is pretty quiet until you get to the 5th generation with just a few duplications, but then it explodes with concentrated bloodlines in the 6th and 7th. Clive Harper says:"Stamina is basically built up from many mutltiples of the same horse or close relatives, between the 6th and 10th generation."
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  1. Good looking horse and the soundness he transmitted to his bloodline is really wonderful.

    Alas, neither Toby nor Tucker have any of his breeding. But Toby has been a remarkably sound horse over his lifetime--except for sore hocks.

    Wonder if that comes from the Native Dancer or Nasrullah breeding he and Tucker share.

  2. Thinking about Zenyata also, I hope she will pass her stamina on. Remember that is what Penny was looking for in Secretariat's mother. She realized, like many do now, it's not necessarily about the stud. The mother can pass on up to 70% of the genes.

  3. My TB mare has lines to this stallion :)


    Our gelding goes back to him twice, by way of Prince John. His other side is Cox's Ridge and Mr. P by way of Gone West.

    He's wicked quiet. But he has the offset knees from Mr. P. ;)


    Princequillo is my mare's great-great grandsire! He has a fascinating story for sure!

  6. There is a also a mistake re: Princequillo in the Secretariat movie, and I think it was this (going to see movie again inia couple days so I'll check, I just know I heard it the first time): "Penny" says something to Big Red about his "great-granddaddy Princequillo." Princequillo is merely his GRAND-daddy, not great-granddaddy, because he was Somethingroyal's (Secretariat's mom) father. Oh, well, just one of the silly aspects of an otherwise extremely enjoyable movie.

  7. That reminds me of the seabiscuit book, they said War Admiral was 17H which is not true. I can forgive the error in the pedigree but felt let down when I realized the David/Goliath metaphor I had going in my mind was not really true. Seabiscuit may have been an underdog but not really size-wise.


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