Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Henny and Peter: Update from Eventing Nation blog

I don't normally post more than once a day but Eventing Nation has an update on Henny and Peter. Here it is. Bob and I already have our tickets to Rolex and damn it, we were going to go as Henny/Peter groupies. Still hoping, still sending those good thoughts, may the parties involved find the wisdom to do the right thing.

Update: Run Henny Run

A source close to the situation tells me that Peter Atkins and Linda Martin both attended mediation on Tuesday, 7th
December with their attorneys, but no agreement was reached on Tuesday after
several hours of mediation
. Mediation is where both parties and their respective lawyers meet together with an independent attorney in an attempt to reach an agreement out of court--it's a way to save time and money and reach a compromise.
At stake is the control of H. J. Hampton, aka Henny,
who is currently in New Hampshire. Since the mediation failed, this issue of control will now be decided by the
judge, who must rule whether Peter Atkins maintain control of the horse
within the judge's jurisdiction (NH), whether he should be allowed to travel
with Peter down to Ocala for the winter in order to train, or whether Linda Martin should have control.
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  1. I'm keeping my fingers crossed each and every day that this whole mess gets straightened out...and SOON! I live just an hour away from Ocala...and it would be great to see them both down here for the winter. As well - I have applied to volunteer at Rolex...and that would be even more spectacular to see them there:)

  2. Phooey. I fear a judge will give the horse to Linda as, I presume, she has a bill of sale or some evidence that she originally bought the horse.

    The key is that verbal agreement she had with Peter. If there are no witnesses, that becomes just one of those word of mouth, "he said, she said," things. Not good. *sigh*

  3. Dang - I checked EN just last night at about 10:30, when my son asked me for the latest news on Henny and Peter. This must have been posted minutes later. Unfortunately, I'm not surprised mediation failed here, since it seems like a very contentious issue (to wit, Linda seizing Henny in the middle of the night).

    My children LOVE the helmet-cam videos and are very invested in this story. I'm the only rider in the family but they both enjoy horses. I am not and don't think I'll ever be, an eventer (my husband would be a nervous wreck if I was doing X-country), but we all admire the competitors and recognize that Henny and Peter's is a special partnership. Long may it last, too! *Crosses fingers too*

  4. RUN PETER RUN.......
    An equine attorney told Linda Martin to get her horse when Peter refused to acknowledge or discuss the draft free lease agreement provided to him. Linda has a bill of sale and owns the horse so why shouldn’t she have possession or control of her horse.

    Peter’s actions prior to this fiasco were to fraudulently get a passport for Henry J. Hampton naming himself as owner and to fraudulently put his name as owner of "Henny" as often as he could without Linda Martin's knowledge. These actions seem to point to the possibility that Peter was trying to create a paper trail fraudulently documenting himself as owner. A paper trail that was used to convince a Judge to temporarily award Peter custody of Henry J. Hampton (still has the horse). Imagine if Peter had used this fraudulent paper trail to take Henry J. Hampton out of the country? Another reason Linda’s equine attorney advised her to pick up her horse.

    Given that the deciding judge is new to the bench and was recently a prosecutor, She will be somewhat pissed off at being made a fool of. The owner is after all the one with the Bill of Sale. Temporary custody was given back to Peter based upon proof that was fraudulent showing that he was owner. Wonder if there will be criminal charges? Bottom line, Linda will end up with her horse and that is the end of Peter's story.

  5. I imagine Peter WOULD object to the reference to a free lease if that was not the original arrangement. And if he did believe himself to be part owner based on an agreement with the other party, it seems reasonable that his name would appear as the owner. Two sides to every story, Dima, and in this case there is probably another side, the truth, which stands all by itself and probably won't be invited to the party.


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