Thursday, December 16, 2010

Lukas: Another smart, sensitive TB

I'm a little wary of people who teach "only with love" but this lady has a sincerity about her, and her regard for Lukas (and his regard for her) is pretty obvious. The number of tricks doesn't impress me as their rapport.

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Super Smart Horse Hoofs It Into Guinness Book

(Nov. 29) -- A 17-year-old thoroughbred gelding in Chino Hills, Calif., is going into the record books, not for the speed of his feet but for the quickness of his mind.

The horse in question is Lukas, who is touted as the smartest horse in the world for the many amazing feats he's been able to master: 35 in all.

According to Karen Murdock, Lukas' owner and trainer, he is able to count and discern different shapes, spell his name and recognize the difference between objects that are the same and those that are different, those that are bigger or smaller than others and a concept called "absentness."
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  1. I love how hard the vet is trying not to just break out in a huge smile at the beginning of this video. The bond between this woman and her horse is inspiring.

  2. Great! It is not just my horse bias when I tell people that horses are smart.

    I found the shape and letter recognition particularly interesting. I did not think horses could see down their noses that well. Is he using the whiskers of his muzzle instead?

  3. I know it's off topic, but I think that lady has had a lot of plastic surgery. Her face ain't right. The horse is a real sweetheart. Some horses really take to that kind of attention and all the tricks he does are like fine tuning the kind of silly lovable things that TB geldings do. Very cute.

  4. I tried to teach my Boys to spell, but they got kind of bored. Maybe I needed more treats.

    I am feeling like I need to do some trick training myself over these cold months. Might keep my Boys entertained watching me trying to teach them, at least. *G*

    What a great relationship Lukas has with his "mom."

  5. I think it's great how Lukas has become so talented and it's even better how he is able to spread the word about OTTB's. It's easy for me to like this since I'm an OTTB owner and promoter of them...

    Having said that, I had to "hide" Karen's posts on facebook because they became spamlike in nature with constant posts about her and Lukas. I'm all about promoting but it was too much for me. Way too much. That's been over a year ago now. Perhaps she's not so aggressive in her self promotions anymore.


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