Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Mathias Rath and Totilas usher in a new era of...

"Daycare dressage"
I mean does this guy look young or what? 
Congrats, Mathias!

Enjoy the ride... 
The video of Mathias Rath (below) is the one I like most of the ones on Youtube, partly because of the music. I wonder who took this footage, and why? A crush, I bet...


  1. echh, a crush on him? He doesn't seem to be as quiet a rider as Gal so it'll be interesting to see how he and Totillas do. Hopefully all goes well, Totillas is such awesome boy.

  2. There were videos promoting MR on his website, and that's one of them. So it's some sort of media promo thing... can't wait to see the one they do for Totilas!
    There's another:

    I look forward to seeing what happens with this partnership, and hope Totilas stays as happy as he seemingly has been all along. As Matthias rides with Klaus Balkenhol I'm hoping we see some improvement in the length of neck which we've repeatedly seen people complain about, but wouldn't be surprised if scores get lower *even if he rides Totilas just as well* simply because of the perception judges have from him not being Edward Gal.

    I don't believe the criticism that judging is political, but I DO believe judges are human beings and thus are influenced by their knowledge of horses/riders even if they want to be impartial.

    I think this is a wonderful opportunity for this young man, and hope he is able to weather all the negativity aimed his direction simply for grasping what is an awesome opportunity.

    I hope EG comes along with another superstar horse soon, too.

  3. The slow motion flying changes were so excellent to watch. The timing is remarkable, although I agree that Edward was quieter.

    It is tough to be taken seriously when you look young, but at least he is tall!

  4. good grief was that a video for a dressage rider or the next messiah?

  5. hmm, i'd still prefer to see totilas with edward. but edward is a superstar, he'll find another great horse.

    and yes, it is a wonderful opportunity for matthias, so hopefully totilas is as equally magical as he was with edward

  6. It will be interesting to see how the partnership works out. If Totilas is all he appears to be, a new rider should be able to ride him well pretty quickly. Hypothetically, if there are no "holes" in his training, this should be a great partnership.

    Still feel sorry for EG, though. It's tough to lose that amazing ride.

  7. There is a PS/ReiterRevue video on youtube of Rath riding Totilas. I don't know If you have posted it already. It's his 6th ride on the horse. It's not too bad. At least both horse and rider look happy together.

    Here's the link:

  8. You know...when I first saw a picture of Mathias...he reminded me of Prince Harry of the UK. The strawberry blonde hair isn't there...but the facial resemblance is a bit uncanny.

    As for his riding...beautiful video. His hands are more active than Edward's. Will be very curious to see how he is perceived in the arena in front of many judges. We'd like to think it isn't political...

    On another note...TOTAL BUMMER that the World Dressage Masters competition in Palm Beach, FL has been CANCELLED due to the lack of riders being able to commit, change of ownerships of horses and conflicts with European competitions. :(

  9. He's 26yo, a little pale for my tastes, but I would marry him! haha.

    I saw the video and they looked good together.

  10. I was wondering what breed Sterntaler UNICEF is? And what's up with the UNICEF part of his name?

  11. Sterntaler UNICEF is Oldeburg by Sion. Rath comes from a Dressage Dynasty, his stepmother is Ann-Kathrin Linsenhoff, whose mother was Liselott Linsenhoff, both Olympic riders. Ann-Kathrin's foundation is operated under the umbrella of UNICEF to help children in need around the world. Therefore all the horses in her stable have the surname UNICEF.


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