Thursday, January 20, 2011

Bad taste: I know it when I see it

I don't know what to think about these breeches, but the photo is a little alarming. Between the pose and the flesh color, it's a little too racy for my taste. It's fine to show off a nice figure, but I'm actually embarrassed for the model. 

Who does these photo shoots???
The pix look like Playboy photo shoots only with clothing. Who puts these models in  these goofy kittenish poses? It's as if the marketing dept doesn't  know their audience--women of all ages but especially the over-thirty crowd (for dressage).

Someone needs to point out to these companies that riding  is a sport. Sportswear these days is a lot more revealing, but when it comes to selling apparel, I like to see the ads market sports apparel, not sex appeal. Like the Nike commercials, you know? And I like to see things done in good taste.

That said, the shopper in me is undeterred -- there is a chocolate/pink version of this breech that I kind of like. To see the Australian catalog that is selling these, see link at

And kudos to...
One breeches company always seems to come through with attractive but "normal" models for their products -- and that's Tropical Rider. I've gotten away from deerskin breeches lately, but the fit and comfort of Tropical Riders are hard to beat, and look at the downright friendly models photos. I mean, this girl could conceivably be a rider, and in fact she looks like she might actually get on a horse.  At a price point that is mid-range (if you think of Pikeur and Cavallo as high end), they're a great buy and they last forever. If you are looking for bargains, they also have great sales.

The one thing I don't understand about them is their name, which suggests they're primarily for southern riders/hot weather riding. They're not. I've been wearing my Clarino patch toasties pretty much non-stop since January.


  1. Oh my gosh! At first glance I thought she was naked. Yuck yuck yuck, what rider would wear those??

  2. I had to do a double-take of that first photo! It's a little jarring. Mostly, I think it would just make my bum look flatter than ever. LOL

  3. Oh those are, umm, interesting. :P Although I do admit I have a pair of Saddlebums that are black with a tan suede full seat haha. :) And I am by no means a small rider LOL, but I think they are funny for schooling, especially at the 2-point! :)

  4. On the positive note, the shape of the contrasting color is much more flattering than the typical two-tones which cut practically straight across the widest part of the body and give pancake butt (flat and wide anyone?)
    Example, making fun of myself:

    I think the TR model looks even more likely to get on a horse given she's wearing boots which look made for her, and broken in by her. I wonder if she is actually a rider?

    Another thought about flattering/unflattering is how it looks when you're in the saddle. I love the breeches above when I'm riding - the black just skims along the back of my thighs from side-view, and blends with the saddle. My thighs look thinner in them than any other pants I own!

  5. I love Tropical Rider!Found their vendor at the WEF several years ago and have been buying ever since. They are more like tights then breeches so to speak,and the full seats don't sag in the butt.

  6. That's first pic is just icky. Maybe they think they are marketing to rich sleazy teenagers? It's so nice to see a nice photo of a real looking person in Tropical Rider.

  7. HA HAAA.... that first ad is REALLY bad!

  8. I will not be purchasing that first pair, that is for sure! Based solely on the off chance that I might someday be standing ringside, lean in to see if the horse gets his change in the corner, get caught in a pose similar to that one, and appear half-naked to frightened on-lookers... I would never put them on. Totally agree, the marketing departments at some of these places really need to get it together! Know your audience!

  9. Eek! If they were dark on the inside and light on the outside, it might be OK. But this??

    I always get a laugh when they use obvious models and professional modeling poses for horse products. The boots never look broken in, the models always look meticulously groomed--gee when did I ever look like that in a barn--and so many times, they look as if they've never held a horse at all, much less ridden one.

    Your analysis, that it's SPORTSwear is right on target. Then again, equestrian collections do keep showing up in the haute courture runway shows. Ya never know.....

  10. You are on the money with those comments Stacey. Couldn't have said it better myself--and I have thought all those same thoughts. I always look to see if the boots look broken-in or right out-of-the-box. :) I also HATE movies with inaccurate horse stuff--I wish I could get a job as an equine accuracy consultant...

  11. It's called Tropical Rider because it is a brick and mortar place, based in Key West Florida. Which is rather tropical.

  12. I love this post, I couldn't agree more regarding the models.

    If anything that would put me off buying them.


  13. I'm with you, Derbygal. I have no "junk in my trunk" as it is, and it would flat-out (har) disappear in those unfortunate breeches. I haven't had the need to buy any breeches in quite a while (not showing), but when I do I know what I want: low-rise, wide waistband, side-zip. No funky colors!

  14. Marissa, I love that: "Appear half naked to frightened onlookers."

    Net, I like two-toned breeches and those are flattering! Dark seat areas are the key, I think...

  15. *snort* Those are horrible. I am always appalled at the runway type models in riding clothes. Especially with the gappy tall boots and holding a tranquilized looking horse at a stiff arm's length. A local magazine had an ad for a hunt jacket on some Calvin Klein looking models posing in front of a wall of fire. Yeah, THAT appeals to riders.
    But to confess, my favorite winter breeches are a well worn pair of Anstaadt Das, blue with black full seats. They look AWFUL, but they are warm and comfortable.

  16. I shared this on Facebook, it was too good not too.

    1. Me too! My girlfriends and I want a pair for fun!

  17. Oh my! Those are horrid, and she does look naked! I really dislike how most clothes in horse magazines are modeled BY models. People who look like they have never ridden or never will. I love the second ad though, she definitely looks like a rider :)

  18. I confess. I blushed scarlet with embarrassment at the first photo. Nothing would make me run faster to buy another brand than that photo.

    The second, so much more welcoming! I can picture having an actual horse conversation with the model.

  19. There are a lot of young (teen) riders that this might appeal to. Definitely not me!

  20. Oh yeah, I agree this pose is more aimed at Playboy than someone who is actually shopping for breeches.
    Would be great to have her figure, however.

  21. Oh deary me! That first picture really does make her look naked! It makes you wander who the designers of these were really pitching to when they decided these were a good idea...
    Women riders, or pervy husbands who want their women to be riders...? :/
    I wear quite risky clothes sometimes, but I'd NEVER wear these!!!

  22. When I saw your post pop up in my reader list I didn't even think it was horse related! Agree with you entirely on this, obviously their marketing efforts are somewhat misguided.

  23. Ewww! That first photo makes the girl look more like a cocktail waitress bending over the bar waiting for a drink order.

    I have a feeling that if she actually stood with her feet flat on the ground and without her butt pointing straight out, the pants would sag. And just look at how short the shirt and pants are! If she were really riding a horse, the shirt would ride even farther up her her back and the pants would reveal a butt crack! gah!

    And quite honestly it looks like she just rolled out of her bed for the photo shoot. Of course, bedhead is all the rage in the lingerie catalogs.

    I like the second model, but wish they had used a horse instead of a car for her to stand beside. Yeah, sure you can ride a car, too. But you don't typically buy breeches to do that!



  24. OMG! Talk about double take!

    This brings up the question of "Sports Illustrated" swimsuit issue. A sports magazine, yet they don't use Olympic swimmers to model the suits.

    Fun in the Saddle uses actual riders as models:

  25. I know this is an old topic but I had to chime in again. I got my new issue of "Practical Horseman" yesterday. There's an Ariat ad featuring a young lady who they say is a top Jr Eq rider. Egads, you have to see her... it's BARBIE, folks! Legs a hundred miles long and impossibly thin. HER riding clothes and boots fit her perfectly but let me tell you, she resembles not a whole lot of us mortals. Very disturbing!


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