Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Breeches: Glomming on the glam

Look to your right at these $269 Kentucky brand City Strass breeches.  First of all,  let me make it clear, that is not my butt. That is the backside of a model. A skinny, toned, 25-and-under model. And LOOK AT HER.  As if the fit is not horrendous enough, note that the pocket detail features Swarowski crystal accents.

Not all of the breeches trends are bad--I like piping, low-rise (on me they are not low), and even the two-tone fullseats (on riders with the figure to carry it off). I think rhinestones can be fun. I think plaid is very cute on the 3% of the human population that should/would wear plaid on the lower half of their body.  But all of these fashion ideas packed onto one item of apparel? No.

Where is Michael Kors when you need him? Whither Heidi Klum? As they say on Project Runway, please edit.


  1. Leather seats always pose a fit problem. That's why the sections of the FITS seem like a good idea...but too expensive for me.

  2. I must be fairly conservative when it comes to breeches b/c all of these "newer" features just look tacky to me.

    I prefer a more traditional cut, fairly neutral colors, and although I loved the full seats when I first came back to riding after years off, once I got my balance back I found myself shoving aside the full seats to get to the non-full seat, comfy Kerritt riding tights. Paired with a good pair of soft leather half chaps, they are my favorite riding attire. During cold months I have a pair of fleece lined ones that are also not full seat.

    All my breeches are black, tan, and olive green. I'm not showing and don't intend to, so I don't have to have the more formal clothing.

    Although I admit, now that my daughter started foxhunting a little, I am envious of her very lovely black wool Melton jacket. I wouldn't mind one of those for fancier days and photo ops. :)

  3. What I would do for my butt to look like that in my breeches. ;)

  4. Those pocket details look like sad eyes. Ugh. I don't like how my brain tries to rework that picture as a sad face!

  5. These could be cute breeches on the right person... but they are so expensive! I'd rather ruin a pair of frumpy $50 breeches from Dover than be broke & tacky in a $250+ pair of Kentucky breeches.

  6. Keep it up with the breeches. lol
    off topic but…There is a blog award waiting for you on my blog (Nina’s Story) come and pick it up.

  7. I'm enjoying this series. I think I can live without crystals on my butt :)

  8. How do butts look in breeches on horseback? Once you are in the saddle, your butt speaks for itself more than the breeches do for the butt. If we are going to judge merits of riding pants, then show pictures of real women in the saddle and on the ground. We've seen a pic of one real woman who really didn't look bad at all. Mostly we've seen lots of pictures of fashion models which means very little in the real world.

    For Billie: I once bought a Melton hunt coat for work where it's very cold. Sometimes I needed to look more professional but didn't want a suit. Very comfy, warm, durable.

  9. Love your blog, haven't every commented but have to "jump in" on this one.. If you are looking for the next breeches to talk about, check out http://www.animoitalia.com/
    This is a very hot brand in Europe (I live in France) but I really want to know who can wear these breeches (check out nuclear..hears, bling and low rise..)
    this said, I get some comments on my Fits breeches in France. I have been told by a shop owner when I was looking for them, that "the French female rider would not wear these". I love them (have trouble wearing anything else) but I suspect I am committing a fashion faux pas..

  10. and that is why I've bought eight pairs in a row of the same plain black breeches that, y'know, fit and flatter and seemingly unimportant stuff like that

  11. Accentuating and bringing attention to my butt with sparkly crystals is not something I would ever dream of doing.
    Maybe next they will come out with tacky words on the back of breeches, like was all the rage not long ago, for tweenagers wearing short shorts and sweats.

    Yah. I can just see it now:

    "Hot Horsie Mama!"

    or "Ride me, Baby!"




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