Friday, January 28, 2011

How the neck ties into the shoulder...

This is a well-bred stallion prospect (Sandro Hit X Don Schufro), only two years old. He almost looks like a harness horse, and look how his neck ties into his shoulder. I think he could be pretty amazing if his front end catches up to his hind end.


  1. When a horse has that kind of front end conformation, balance is so much easier. The trick, I think, would be to get him to work correctly over his back as being inverted could also be easy for him.

    Once again, and impressive youngster with tons of natural suspension.

  2. Quite the mover! It will be interesting to see him when he's finished developing, right now if you split him in half he looks like two different horses. But I think it's an excellent example of warmbloods taking much longer to mature and develop than other breeds. Thanks for sharing.


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