Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Meet the crest flip

Riley has a pretty nice crest, and my trainer showed me a little trick for making the change of bend more visual. In the video below she demonstrates something called the "crest flip." I couldn't duplicate this on Harv because he has a thoroughbred neck, but now that I know how it works on Riley I can understand how it works on Harv.
It helps you -- well, me --assess bend in the neck (though not the body). The "crest flip" does not assure a correct bend, and you can see that Riley is overbent a bit to the right. Interestingly, you also see the "flip" is far less pronounced to the left.

When you watch the video, look for the little "snap flip" of the crest (going right) on the 7th-8th second and on the 14th-15th second.


  1. The mane gets in the way a little bit, but very interesting.

    The trick is always to strive to make the horse even, right to left. It's a never ending challenge--mostly because we are not even, right to left.

  2. I've been shown this trick to, as a way to get my TB to relax into contact and give to the bit. It was explained to me as "flipping the ligament" from one side of the neck to the other as the bend changes. I also noticed that it's always more obvious when overflexed! Of course, my horse loves to evade by being overflexed, so .... whee!

  3. Hey, I had a dressage lesson this weekend and the trainer showed me the same thing. He said that the horse is not truly committed to the bend if his nuchal ligament does not relax to one side or the other. You can feel your own nuchal ligament if you tip your head forward and feel the midline of the back of your neck. Very interesting!

  4. I've used this before on my horses. It's fun. :)

  5. So I have an appy/tb with light non-cresty neck, but his crest flip is so noticeable that I was totally freaked out the first time i saw it! He has the little spikey wispy mane, so his mane just really exaggerates the flip.


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