Sunday, January 16, 2011

My love/hate relationship with Cavallo breeches

Are you all familiar with CavalloTM breeches? I want to like the Cavallo brand, I really do! They are beautiful on the hanger -- just gorgeous. The fabrics are butter-soft yet"structured" so that the fit is tailored. The rich colors and patterns are distinctive. But...
  1. They're expensive.
  2. They run at least one size smaller than other breeches. 
  3. They designed the Cavallo NYC breech (right).

You'll shell out $239 for the Cavallo NYC breeches. Imagine the average dressage rider in these.  Imagine the rear view.  The side view. Imagine the panty lines.

Few middle-aged figures would be flattered by the circa 1970's pockets, the funky contrast stitching, and a zipper that doesn't lie flat. For $239 I want that zipper to lie flat.

But forget the less-than-perfect figure, it doesn't look that great in the ad.  It's not exactly unflattering on this near-fleshless model, but it bears repeating that the zipper doesn't lie flat.  I doubt she'd run out and buy it after the photo shoot.

In the words of my best shopping buddy: "It doesn't do anything to you, but it doesn't do anything for you."

 That said, the color is great and I like where it sits on her hips.


  1. I'm 14 skinny and tall with extra, extra long legs,and I find that anything but pull on knee patch breeches are a pain. The butt sags, and their practically capri pants. I wish that they had extra tall or whatever in cheap breeches! (being a teenager sans anything but odd jobs affording show fees, clinics, equipment doesn't leave much extra for expensive breeches)

  2. $239? Oh, my! I can look terrible in breeches for a lot less money than that *grin*. I haven't worn them in forever, but when I did I always preferred the ones that zipped on the side (of course I'm not even sure that they make 'em like that anymore :o)

  3. Not to mention camel toe. How would anyone move in those breeches? How would you get on your horse?

  4. I like the pull on breeches myself, and I've found some Irideons I really like. They make a low rise too, I think. Prices are a heck of a lot lower than Cavallo....and a bad zipper like that!

  5. What Jen said! And yes, if you look hard you can find those side zip.

    The pictured breech reminds me of a pair my cuz made in Home Ec in high school in the 70s - and got a D on.

  6. Have you heard of Neddy's? They are made in England. I love them! Certainly not $239!!

  7. I like the TuffRider Eco-whatever Breeches. While I'm an 18-yr-old traditionalist (partly because I don't like having to keep pulling up some "super cool low-rise" pantalones when I'm riding... awkward) with a skinny, fleshless body, I find that they fit with just the right amount of give, no saggy butt, and where they sit is just below the waist but not low enough to be low-rise. Nice material as well. And even better, they don't cost as much as this Cavallo ridiculous-ness ($79!)

  8. Yeah, I agree. Not really sure what's going on with these breeches but I do know that they'd be downright frightening on me. I think what frustrates me the most about breeches is the major discrepancies in sizing (as you mentioned, these fit one size up). It makes it impossible to buy online, even from a brand you know.

  9. I don't like the styling at all, but if the model wore one size bigger, they'd probably fit OK and the zipper would lie flat. If they are supposed to be skin tight, then the zipper is bad sewing and design. Skin tight riding pants don't make sense to me. A close fit is one thing, skin tight is silly.


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