Thursday, January 5, 2012

Padre as Breyer Horse Model: Giveaway Alert!!!

This is a heads up -- as soon as the Padre Breyer Model becomes available, I'll be offering a giveaway.

I need to think about what folks should do to enter -- it's usually a story or idea (maybe "what/who should the next breyer horse model be?"). Any ideas?

Congrats Patti for helping Breyer to craft this gorgeous model, I love his mane, and having seen him in person I can say the likeness is amazing!


  1. If you're doing who should be the next Breyer model, I've got mine: Hickstead.

  2. How about you have to make a 'breyer horse' video LOL. I thought of this simply because I saw these hilarious videos people are making with their Breyer horses. Go to youtube and look up Mulberry acres and you will see what I mean.

  3. We could have a "most rediculous racehorse name" contest! As for who should be the next Breyer model, I would have to say the Mares of Diomedes...they would be sold as a group, of course. As far as real horses are concerned, maybe Traveler (General Lee's horse) if they haven't already done that one.

  4. My vote would be Peter Atkins, Henny - just for sentimental reasons (my daughter's beloved Hennessy had to be put down in October).


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