Tuesday, February 8, 2011

There really are dressage police!

Well -- not the kind that'll nail you for wearing brown half chaps or leopard riding gloves -- but there are dressagey-looking police. These are photos of Swedith mounted police -- check out the saddles, the horses, the double bridles! Thanks to the COTH poster who shared this, and to the flickr photographer that shared it. I love our Bethlehem Mounted Police, but they don't look quite so ready to halt-at-X!

Police 083Police 084


  1. Interesting about the dressage saddles and long legs on those riders - but what I want to know is how they get the horses used to those plastic visors! Wow!

  2. The horses give that "trained" look, that's for sure. I would think a good dressage saddle would be pretty comfortable for patrol.

    I just have such respect for mounted patrol. Both horses and riders have a keen sense of duty and responsibility. And besides they look so cool!!

  3. Funny! Makes sense with dressage being military based? In case they need to capriole above a crowd?

  4. The german mounted police are pretty spiffy, too. Just look at Klaus Balkenhol :)


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