Tuesday, February 22, 2011

New T-shirt: whaddya think?

Update: just changed text to full seats, half halts, empty wallet -- available at behindthebit.spreadshirt.com
 I'm t-shirt obsessed these days -- lots of folks buying the dressage arena love shirt, and it makes me so happy!  I'm making some shirt designs too, also at no commission. The artwork and text incurs a fee which explains the price differences.

Here's a design I just did. I have a quirky sense of humor, so these shirts will be a "niche market" at best :-). The last line was tough -- others considered are:
  • No dough
  • No money
  • Empty pockets
  • Empty wallet
It's cheap at least, under $15. I have a few other designs up too, but this one is the most original as these things go.

Comments, and of course shirt logo ideas continue to be welcome.


  1. I think "empty pockets" works better than "no cents" since empty plays better off of full and half.

    But, the phrase "no cents" is a pun itself...

  2. Why aren't you taking a commission? You're a librarian, you understand intellectual property, what's wrong with making a little money if people like your designs and want to buy them?

  3. I really like the empty pockets or empty wallet phrase for your shirt.

    I don't have a logo idea of my own but I do have a fave tee I am hoping get reprinted from Threadless. Its called "Jump" and its a showjumping cat. The shirt just makes me laugh even though there is no words on it.


  4. I like "empty pockets" too. And I LOVE this shirt.. it's my life! *want*

  5. My first thought was "LOVE the 'No cents.'" I agree, though, that "empty" kind of fits the pattern better. What about, "Empty wallet" or something instead? I just don't automatically connect pockets with money.

    Save the "No cents" for something, though, I like it!

  6. I want one! How much? I also like empty pockets better

  7. I say put an "s" after wallet though. Flows better with the "seats" and "halts". Would love to buy this shirt if you make it!!!

  8. Very clever.

    Reminds me of a horse farm name from around here, "Munnysunk Farm." *S*

  9. Yes to Empty wallets and I will take one in a Large, please!

  10. Just updated the shirts to say empty wallet instead of no cents...

  11. "No cents" definitely needs to appear on another shirt...

    I like the full-half-empty flow in your shirt saying. Very clever!

    I am buying matching "dressage love" shirts for my students, but there are sooooo many pretty colors! Decisions, decisions.

  12. How about "Full Seats and Half Halts Make No Cents?" I thought the Cents part was a play on Sense.


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