Sunday, February 6, 2011

Scenes from a marriage

Here's a non-horsey post with a nod to fanfreakingtastic's post on the same subject. Anyone contemplating marriage to someone over 50 and moving into his house should read this post...
Wife: [standing at the kitchen sink] Hey--I know you like using dish rags, but could we ever buy some sponges?
Husband: No.
Wife: No?
Husband: We don't need sponges. The dish rags work fine..
Wife: I like sponges. They seem cleaner.
Husband: My family uses dish rags.
Wife: My family uses sponges. Can't we have both?
Husband: No.Wife: Why not?
Husband: There's no room.
Wife: No room for a rag and a sponge?
Husband: We also have a dishwasher. 
Wife: Oh. That explains it.
Husband: Exactly.


  1. My Mother used dishcloths instead of sponges. I was in the habit for a long time, but then switched over to sponges. I too have a dishwasher, but I'm honestly not quite following the logic of how that denies the presence of a sponge! *lol*

  2. The thought of sponges used to freak me out because you can't wash them regularly like dish rags, but then I learned the secret of microwaving them!! Yay!

  3. Oh my gosh! I had no idea you went to my blog! I am all atwitter!

  4. Even after 29 years, conversations like this happen here. It takes mature perspective to see one's own version as funny. At least I rule at the barn!

  5. mom was a dishrag person, my MIL is the sponge queen. Hubby's sponges!

  6. I guess it helps to marry young when they're not so set in their ways. We normally use sponges but there are dishrags available if needed/wanted.
    We have pointless conversations all the time. Like this morning, he's still asking how I could have backed into the neighbor's parked car yesterday.

  7. 20 years married in November. His mom: dishrags. Mine: sponges. I was designated Cook the minute we moved in together, so guess what we have always used? That's right. RHIP. It's odd how sponges used to creep me out. Hated them when I was small, thought they stank and didn't want to touch them. Now I have an issue with rags at other people's homes. I do still think sponges are germ traps so I try to use paper towels on "foodie" messes. Tried the micro cleaning method and WHEW, smell-ly! They go in the dishwasher.

    In other news, it only took me 18 years to convince DH that he'd have a much better marriage if he simply did the dishes after dinner. He now complies 90% of the time, and even uses The Sponge on the countertops afterwards without complaint. But it took YEARS, people, YEARS. :-) And he still doesn't touch the pots and pans...(apparently the Dish Fairy must handle those)


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