Thursday, February 17, 2011

T-Shirt Contest winners!

New design at
T-shirt logos are really hard. The shirt winner is Scarlett for her recounting of great shirt logos that I had not seen or heard of before. Runner-up is Mikey for Carpe Manure Fork or Carpe Pitchfork.

Scarlett wins a t-shirt from (any shirt $16 or under). Scarlett, take a look at the site, tell me the style, size, color, etc you want and your mailing address -- I'll get it out to you!

Mikey, you win a bag with your choice of designs, just let me know your design choice and your address.

The contest continues!
Keep your thinking cap on. If you think of a great design, quote, or logo, add it to the comments of any blog post and note that it is a t-shirt idea. You could win a shirt like Scarlett and Mikey. Thanks for playing guys!


  1. I am totally buying that shirt. Love it!

  2. i love that shirt! do they ship to nz?

  3. They do ship to New Zealand, see

  4. not very snappy, but I want one that says:

    Problems with *your* kids? My four year old is six foot tall, weighs half a ton, isn't toilet trained and can't talk...

  5. Well thanks so much! I'm in shock, lol. I love the Dressage Love bag (and I'll be sending that link to a few folks I know who'll like it too)
    I will email you my info. Thanks!!!

  6. These are great, nice idea! Look forward to seeing more.

  7. YAY!!! Will shop with glee! Thanks much, Stacy!

    Scarlett, who is showing this weekend at a rated Dressage show for the first time in over a year... so of course the forecast is calling for pouring rain and its that time of the month.
    BRING IT! :)

  8. When you make that all important decision, scarlett, email me at

    Good luck this weekend -- I had my very best rides on Harv when it was raining steadily. Hope you have the same weather-related riding phenom!

  9. These shirts are great! I ordered one of the heart dressage ring ones for myself and one for my instructor. :)


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