Saturday, February 26, 2011

Trainer phrases: Some new ones

Trainer phrases and quotes as a topic are getting a bit overdone, but here is one that always tickles me.  When Riley gets behind the leg, there is a pause, and then:

"He's going nowhere. [pause] And now you're going backwards. [pause] He's flying backwards, Stacey."


  1. Good one. I guess the exaggeration is intended to make the point when you don't instantly react. *LOL*

  2. Yes. My favorite one was, "You're on a horse, not a bicycle. If you have to pedal to make him go, you're doing it wrong. That's why you carry a whip."

    And one I got a few weeks ago - "When you let him do that at the free walk he's so far on his forehand he looks like a slide at the playground. "

  3. I love it when trainers get creative with their explanations! It may seem strange but they always work.
    I've had a trainer tell me to relax my seat by relaxing the same muscles you would use to go to the bathroom. Right before entering the ring at a show, she told me to "Go out there and pee all over that arena!"

  4. Flying backwards? Sounds like a new air above the ground. ;)

    My horse can get behind the leg by going too fast. He will transfer his power to carrying if he slows down, so our warm up is often in a slower tempo than one might want for a different horse. The last clinician that I rode with told me to just "think walk" for the half halt. This was challenging, since my horse wanted to obediently walk even just from my thoughts, but amazingly effective!

  5. One of my favorites is "You'd think that you, being a person and all, would have an intellectual edge over your horse."

  6. My trainer says quite a few things. One inparticular with Antarius...once he gets round and starts USING his back end is "Gee...look in the mirror - YOU HAVE A HORSE inbetween your legs!"


    "Ride like you are doing a Grand Prix test" (side note...yeah - Training Level and Grand Prix are complete opposites...LOL)

    For shoulder-in...
    "Remember how it was to hold your kids on your hip? Ride like your kids are on your hip"

    When I do something right...
    "ROCK ON!!"


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