Thursday, March 10, 2011

Dressage to (Live) Music

Really nice concept! Live music brings a freshness to the whole freestyle experience, and  I like the rider's casual/dancelike attire. Thanks to Mike Matson for pointing it out on COTH.


  1. Cool idea, but I'm not fond of the music...tempo and rhythm could be matched SO much better, especially considering that's it's live. This would be a fantastic opportunity to make the music absolutely match what the horse is doing and....unfortunately, it doesn't.

    Still, a really cool idea.

  2. Totally agree with Jean. Don't like this music, but what a great idea.

  3. I loved the music! So glad you shared this. If the guitarist had spent his energy trying to match the tempo of the horse, I think the rapport between the three (horse, rider, guitarist) would have suffered, and that was what was so special about it for me. There was so much artistry in this, it was great!

  4. hated the music....interesting idea.....

    the grumpy look on the riders face was a bit much although I imagine she was trying to look "thoughtful" or "intense and into it" but she just looked grumpy...maybe she was working hard to keep her horse focused....

    a bit cheesy also with the guitar playing touching the horse.....very Dressage at Devon cheesy halftime show


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