Monday, April 25, 2011

Enter now! iPad/helmet giveaway from Riders4helmets

Whether you want a new iPad 2 or need a new helmet, Riders4helmets  is sponsoring some cool contests and the largest helmet giveaway in history.
  • Giveaway 1: Win an iPad2 3G + WiFi (32GB). To enter this giveaway contest you MUST visit Riders4Helmets at Rolex KY 3DE (April 28th-May 1st)
  • Giveaway 2: (29 helmets and other prizes approx. value $4,500).   Fill out the online form or visit Riders4Helmets at Rolex.
You should know that this organization that is a labor of love spearheaded by two committed individuals, Lyndsey White and Jery Bryant. They have no "dog in the fight" -- neither of them benefits from this labor of love, and maybe that's why they've received so much support.

On a side note
I've "taken it on the chin" a little because some of the riders I feature on my blog do not wear helmets. I suppose the criticism has some heft to it. I'm just glad no one has been too scathing or angry. Hope it doesn't seem too hypocritical that I'm promoting this contest on behalf of Riders4helmets. Personally I always wear a helmet and I think everyone should, and I tell people who don't that they should, for their own safety. But I stop short of dictating the use of helmets by the people I associate with -- they know how I feel, but it's really their call. Those of you who leave comments lamenting my helmetless riders, please don't stop! Thanks for speaking up.


  1. Maybe you need a disclaimer "The opinion toward helmetless riding shown in this video does not reflect the opinions of the blog author."

    I am VERY pro helmet. One concussion with a helmet ON with a horse who fell and wasn't even misbehaving was enough to convince me more significant injuries would happen without, and made me choose to wear a helmet at all times even when not required to do so. I wish everyone would wear one, but I don't have the power to control that, and admire riders for their riding ability, not decisions in headgear.

  2. I'll admit, I think I've become a little numb to people riding without helmets. I always wear mine, save when I was younger and I'd ride my pony in from the field. That's probably when I needed it the most... bareback with a halter and leadrope! However, I'm the only person at my barn that wears one, and I really think that recently I've become a bit numb to the whole thing. I'm not one to tell someone what they are and aren't allowed to do, but I do believe in promoting helmets.

  3. In 2005, I was jumping a horse, lost my balance and was down. I had my helmet on...and still suffered a concussion. I have ridden since the 3rd grade and will be 38 next month. I have ALWAYS worn a helmet. More recently - I put it on prior to putting Anty's bridle on...then grab my whip and head out. Even when lunging...I have it on. He might be 17 and safe...but you just don't know when something might spook or he might trip.

    Stacey - I applaud your focus on educating riders and horse lovers, alike, on the benefits of wearing a helmet. You can bet I will make a comment - nicely - on any post that shows someone not wearing one. Yes, it's a choice...but you only have one brain...and it controls the rest of your body.

  4. I am absolutely pro helmet and wear one all the time when I ride. I do admit to not wearing one when I lunge, but I am going to try to remember from now on.

    I too had a fall where I am sure my helmet saved me from more serious injury. And I have a friend who is pretty well convinced she would not be alive were it not for her helmet.

    As a doctor once told me, "You can fix broken arms and broken legs and a lot of other broken bones, but a broken head...not much."

  5. I sent them an Email suggesting that perhaps they check the spelling of "Dresagge," on that page and the page that links to the "dresagge" boots.

    Wonder if I will get a reply?

    Were I their webmaster, I'd be blushing.

  6. I like Net's idea for the helmet disclaimer. That would be perfect.

    I always wear a helmet. It doesn't matter that I have been riding since I was a kid or that I feel very balanced and secure on a horse; It doesn't matter that I very rarely fall off or that I am very good at reading horses and defusing potentially hazardous situations. As a therapeutic riding instructor, I have met and worked with a number of people with traumatic brain injuries. This is all that I need to know to continue wearing my helmet, every time, every ride.

  7. I just today read about Debbie McDonald's scary accident. She started wearing a helmet after Courtney Dye/King's disaster, and now she credits it with saving her life. I believe the article quoted a witness as saying, "He threw you 30 feet away into the ground like a spear." Uh, yeah: I'd definitely want a brain bucket on if THAT happened!! Debbie still had a concussion and whiplash, so imagine how bad it would have been without a helmet... :-(

  8. I refuse to put my family and friends through the grief and pain that would come with my death or brain injury from me not wearing a helmet.

    I do admit that I don't wear a helmet while lunging or otherwise handling a horse. I have gotten over the awkwardness of riding in a helmet when other people don't but I have to admit that I would feel pretty self-conscious wearing one on the ground. I know I should though!


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